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First IVF due to start in November

Good morning ladies,

Thank you for having me .

I have been trying to ge pregnant for a year now. I had 4 circles using hormones and 3 failed IUI and my Dr has now told me that my last chance is IVF.

I am 40 years old and i am scared that it won't work again!

I will start it in November as I need a break for myself to relax before it starts.

I am scare because I am funding myself and if it does work, I won't b able to afford another one.

My GP told me I am to old for a government fund.

I am trying not o keep cool and positive but is it very hard:-(

Many thanks,


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I'm about to start my first IVF cycle in Oct and am self funding as well. I'm 37 and have blocked tubes (which was a massive shock!) so have to go down the IVF route.

What a apprehensive/scary/exciting ride this is! Just wanted to say hi and good luck! 🍀😀

Keep us posted on how you get on and hopefully you'll find support through this network.

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Thank you Peppy26

I am doing all I can to keep positive and with this groups I am sure I will have all the support in need :-)

Have a great weekend !😉

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Try to stay positive so you're all ready to go in November. I'm doing a frozen transfer in November so will be with you all the way. Xx

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Hellsbells, I am doing all I can! I trust in my doctor but I don't want to ask her too many questions as I get even more stress. I don't want to google anything either just know that my treatment will start on my next period .


Wishing you lots of luck x

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The same to you :-)😘


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