7 day stim scan complete!

Hi all

Just left the hospital after my 7 day stim scan- follicles currently at 11cm but growing well the nurse said. I have another scan booked for Saturday as they want follicles at around 17cm and they upped my meriional from 150-225 as of tonight to help it along a bit without giving me too much to over stimulate- if all goes to plan EC should be middle of next week 😊😊

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  • Exciting! How are you finding the injections? Any side effects?

    Depending on AF we'll be starting end of next week! 😬 x

  • Injections are completely fine I've had no problems thank god nothing as bad as I thought they would be & I've had 0 side effects either I actually began to wonder if anything was happening ha ha but it is yay! Fingers crossed for AF to arrive on time so you can get started!! 😊😊xx

  • Oh that's good, glad to hear it's going smoothly so far. Keep in touch :) x

  • Hi Laura3101. Oh well done so far! Great to get to this stage and see that all is going OK. Just wanted to wish you well for the next few days, and of course for egg collection. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane Im getting everything crossed for Saturday to be good news too!

  • all the best to you, today i did the first scan on day 8 th , but i don't know wich size they won't for the egg πŸ˜”

  • Im guessing most clinics are the same and want you to be about 17 but who knows! good luck with the rest of your cycle we won't be that much different in timings 😊x

  • you're right, all the best for all of us ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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