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Still waiting to start treatment

So i phoned today as we are approaching the 10 day mark of waiting to start treatment. The nurse said they have a backlog and have to take into consideration xmas and new year.

I askled her what this meant for us, she said we might have to wait until my next period, however that is 2 eeks. At this rate it's going to be end of December before we can begin.

Makes me feel frustrated especially as my SIL is having her 4th baby :-(

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I know the feeling. I cannot start until later due to xmas. My transfer will be end of Jan beginning of Feb x


so will you have to wait for your period in december? my period starts before xmas so might have to wait for january!! xx


I don't get periods but will start my tablets in November for the end of december


Likely you will have to wait until jan as they told me they do not do anything between now and Christmas.


the thing i am more worried about is funding, hopefully with them delaying it it will be okay as its them who have changed it. xx


Think you will be ok mine was given in Feb.


Big hugs sweet xxx


Sending hugs your way, it’s so frustrating when you think your going to get going and then to be told you’ve got to wait even longer x

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