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5 Weeks Still Spotting , Scan Monday!


Hi , I've now been spotting for one week , I spoke to the clinic who advised me to wait a week and test again , which I did an still got a very Clear Postive - showing 4-5 weeks pregnant on the test .... they advised I call the hospital Early Preg unit , which I did and they have booked me in Monday 9am for a scan, I am worried Sick !!! The spotting changes each day (never fills a pantry liner) and it's only when I Wipe (TMI) It's been Brown, Pink, redish, watery !! I have no pain just the odd cramp now an then , has anyone had this? The strong positive has got to b a good thing hasn't it?

I just hate the thought of getting this far and then ending up with bad news :(

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I was told pink and brown is nothing to worry about. I had two spots of red and two scans and all was fine. I’m sure it will be ok but until you see for yourself you will worry xxx

it really is the most worrying time isn't it! I had spotting at 6 weeks for a few days and had a scan which showed sac and yolk but no baby. Had another at 7 weeks and baby had decided to make an appearance. spotting settled for a couple of weeks, then reappeared at 10 weeks. Another scan showed all good and, touch wood, haven't had anything since-I'm 15 weeks now.

fingers crossed for your scan on Monday x

Good luck for Monday 🤞 xx

Good luck with your scan on Monday. Such a worrying time for you 🙁 Xxx

Good luck on Monday hun hope everything is fine. Iv got my third scan on Monday to see if there's a heartbeat I know how you must be feeling. Hoping we both get good news 💗🤗😘

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