Spotting @ 12 weeks minus 1 day

Hi folks,

Having a worrying weekend as started spotting yesterday morning. Looks like dried blood and not much but as I haven't had any at all so far it got me in a panic. We went to our local A&E hoping they might scan, but they sent us home and told me to rest up and not panic. The spotting stopped yesterday evening but then started again this morning. I have a slightly strange tightness almost an ache feeling and am most comfortable lying down. The nurse at A&E said it could be breakthrough bleeding and to try not to worry but of course I'm terrified. We are officially 12 weeks tomorrow and our NHS scan is booked for Thursday. Wishing I could stay in bed all week and not go to work so may need to feign illness. It would just be so tragic to lose our little Muffin at this stage - I know so many of you have been through this multiple times - I was just desperately hoping we would beat the odds. Keep your fingers crossed for us xx

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  • Sipi

    We had a bleed the day before our 12 week scan. I remember I was at work and my heart just dropped into my knees.

    I didn't even tell my parents or friends about the scan as I was so sure it was over. I couldn't even leave work so I just sat down and big my nails till they bled.

    All was fine at the scan. I couldn't believe it!

    As you know I had my baby boy at Christmas πŸŽ„

    It was a worrying pregnancy and every time I told myself I will relax now.. something would happen to remind me just how fragile it all is and now we can't take things for granted.

    Don't worry too much (I'm such a hypocrite!πŸ€”) but you have already had a scan and seen a heartbeat, and you've got the man upstairs looking out for you 😊

    Not all bleeds mean the end.

    Wishing you the best of luck and prayers it's all ok tommoro β˜˜οΈβ€πŸ™ Xxxxx

  • Thanks Miss Winky - reassuring to hear that - the strange half ache tightness feeling seems to have subsided a bit so just keeping my fingers crossed and doing my best to be calm xx

  • Wishing you loads of luck for your scan. Sure all will be fine xx

  • Thinking of you at this stressful time ❀️

  • Thinking of you and hoping the spotting stops and you feel better soon. As for work, I would call in sick if resting made me feel better. You and the baby are the most important things πŸ’•

  • Hi Hun, don't worry too much. I had a bleed a day after my 12 week scan, in work just as I've gone round & shown everyone my scan picture. I had another scan thinking it was all over &a baby was fine & the bleed came from outside the womb. I really hope everything is ok for you & your precious muffin xx

  • Thanks Cathie, really good to hear these stories, it gives me hope! X

  • Hi, ah how worrying for you. I know lots of people who had bleeding at various stages and everything was absolutely fine. I hope these comments reassure you. I also wanted to add that there should be an early pregnany unit at your hospital which you can attend (I think it's up to 12 weeks?) It'd be worth checking as they can scan you and provide reassurance. Keeping everything crossed xxxxxxx

  • So sorry uv had this stress! Bleeding is very common but scary nonethelesss! Personally I wouldnt go to work either! Ur s & ur baby's health far more important!!

    Now it's Monday can u try & call & explain & c if they can bring scan date forward to put your mind at rest?

    In the meantime, stay cosy in bed.its miserable out anyway xxx

  • Sorry you are going through this-it's so scary I know. I've had on and off bleeding since the day before my bfp, I'm now 10 weeks 2 days I went to the epu and they've discovered that I have cervix erosion and will most likely bleed a bit throughout the pregnancy. They said it was hormone related-it doesn't make it any less scary though, I've been having clots and all sorts which seriously throws you. I know it's easier said than done but try and take it easy and not to worry although I know you will as that's what we all do. Sending hugs xxxxx

  • Really really hope all is good. x

  • I have just read your post.

    Can I suggest that you call your midwife and get the number for the early pregnancy scanning unit at your local hospital. They should be able to fit you in for a scan and check things are ok and put your mind at rest.

    Crossing everything for you.


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