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So on Monday I got my BFP. I got a call today to say my friend has killed herself. I'm so sad that I never got to tell her my good news, particularly given she was rooting for us every step of the way. Obviously this has knocked me for six, and in amongst all the upset today I now can't help stress about has the upset/shock hurt frostie? I know this is a stupid question, I just can't get it out my head now xxx

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Sorry to hear about your friend. That’s awful 😞 xx

Oh gosh, so sorry to hear about your friend. How awful 🙁 Such a sad world.

I know stress and upset isn't ideal at this time, but hopefully it won't harm your frostie xxx

Oh my goodness what tragic news 😞 are you off work? Can you perhaps occupy your mind by going somewhere or spending time with friends or family? So important for you to remain stress free xx

Oh my god that is awful news, you should take time off if you can? All anyone can say is, don't stress about being stressed, take deep breaths, light a candle at night, read a book whatever helps you a little bit. I know that stress doesn't help but just think that babies all around the world are born by the dozen in very stressful circumstance so I am as sure as I can be, your little frostie will be too little to pick up on this so don't worry and I hope you have lots of support around you pal that's very tough

I'm really really sorry for what's happened hun. Big hugs and lots of love. You can't help how your feeling hun just pace yourself and go through the stages of grief just make sure you eat drink and rest. Lots of love hun. So sorry for this sad news.💗😔😘

So sorry to hear about your friend xxx

So sorry to hear of your friend. Lots of love xx

So sorry for your sad news! Take care and look after yourself 💕 xx

What terrible news. I am dreadfully sorry to hear this. What a horrible shock for you. Maybe go to your gp and explain the circumstances and get advice. Thinking about you. Take care. Xo

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