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Heyyyyyy all !! Thoughts on 2ww and bleeding please

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Hey everyone I’m Kat .. New to this group I thought I would tell you my story

I’m 28 and have one boy to a previous relationship.. I’m now with the man of my dreams and soon to be married ..

My soon to be hubby has fertility issues .. long story short he’s got some bad swimmers .. we have just started our 2nd round of IVF and currently on our 2ww .. first round we got 21 eggs (crazy right) and got one embryo but one was still better than none. Sadly that round never worked out for us and on top of that we found out I have bad endometriosis ahhhh but I can honestly say we make a great team with our thoughts on it all and to stay positive and just remember and remind each other that everyone has something they are shit at and this is just ours (but damn we make a good cooking team haha)

now 2years down the track we are onto round number 2 .. so this round we got 11 eggs and by day 5 we were able to transfer one and freeze two !! Amazing results for us

So transfer was 7 days ago and sadly I have started bleeding tonight 😕 my blood test was due in 2 days .. it’s not heavy bleeding yet but would love to know what some of you lovely lady’s would think about this bleeding issue ..

I’m trying to stay positive and I know it’s ok if it doesn’t work out because we are blessed to have 2 more embryos but still kinda sucks getting your hopes up to then get a BFN

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Hi, your bound to feel anxious and it's a difficult 2ww but it could all be fine. Have you had a lot of bleeding? I have an amazing husband and being a team together is what's most important and what helps to get you through x

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Kat011217 in reply to Kelly-03

Hey Kelly thanks for replying !!!

Yeah I wouldn’t say it’s much bleeding and it’s just the browny colour .. fingers crossed it’s ok .. I have rung my nurse today to see what she wants me to do .. test a day early or not

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Kelly-03 in reply to Kat011217

Hi, that's a good sign maybe implantation? What have they said? X

A lady posted earlier this week about her daughter having what seemed to be full af and then getting a bfp at the end of her 2ww x

Hi awww wishing you the best of luck I really hope you get your BFP I bled and it was all good got a BFP xx

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