Bleeding on 2ww please help

I had a frozen transfer (my first cycle) on Thursday, so day 6 today. I have been having a bit of brown discharge but hadn't worried too much and had been feeling really positive. But I woke up with cramps this morning and now have just had quite a bit of bleeding. I think it is AF and am devastated. I am presuming it is, and you wouldn't get full period like bleeding on the 2ww otherwise?

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  • Morning,

    I have heard of some people bleeding and still going on to get a BFP. When is your test day? Xxx

  • Not until next Thursday! I think it is too early to do a test now. I am sure it is AF :(

  • Why don't you give your clinic a call and get some advice? They may well advice you up your intake of proestrogen or test earlier or something. Might help a little just to get that bit of reassurance? Xxx

  • Could be implantation bleeding. Keep positive xx

  • Thanks. Can implantation bleeding be as heavy as a period?

  • I have never experienced this myself,but I am guessing everyone is different some people don't get any, some people spot and some people bleed. That's just my theory fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Also I am presuming it is ok to use tampons?

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