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Encouragement and Hope needed 😔


Hello beautiful people. This is my first time to ever write on this. However, every day this is the first thing I log into to see how everyone is getting along on their journey, I feel already that I have met friends for life ❤️

I’m feeling quite lost at the moment and I know that reaching out to you strong ladies I might find some hope to get me through the next few days. Yesterday I had my third egg collection within my year. Our ( being my husband and I ) had our first round of ivf (ISCI) last November.We got 10 eggs, 9 fertilized and then they slowly all stopped developing by day 4 😢 Devastated as you can imagine. We went on to find out my husband had high DNA fragmentation along with low mobility, low count and morphology.

Pulling ourselves together we saved hard and got ready for another round with husband on vitamins hoping to improve his sperm.

Second round last FEB.. we got 11 eggs, 10 fertilized but sadly by day 3 they stopped growing 😪 my eggs then became a question too, it was horrible to think could we both be so unfortunate to have a problem!? I’m 36, maybe I’m just left with not so good quality eggs. Docs did further testing on us both, all mine seem to come back fine like chromosome testing etc but my husband had a FISH test done and his results came back Positive another hard blow ☹️

So with docs advice we went into our third round using a donor sperm. Our egg collection was yesterday and I just feel heart broken already with the news. Today I was told I got 11 eggs. Only 6 were Mature and only 4 fertilized. They said they would ring me again on day 4 with an update to let me know how they are getting on.dint know how I’m going to sit tight till then without going insane!! I know I should try to be more positive but after are last two failed cycles not making it to day 5 i just have lost all hope. We have now spent close to 20 thousand in one year in ivf as in Ireland 🇮🇪 we get no funding if this doesn’t work I don’t know what our next step is, we have already begged and borrowed enough😫Has anyone any positive feedback or any uplifting similar stories were you only had very few fertilized embryos on day 1 that made it to day 5 ?? Any ideas why so many were not mature !!?

Trying to be strong and positive

Love ❤️ Teeny Tiny xxx

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I have no stories that relate - but wanted to send my love. You guys have been through so much - you sound like the strong ones to keep going. 💕

I am from Ireland and know that funding doesn't exist there and it is so hard. Friends there have had to beg borrow and steal for IVF, and makes the process so much harder.

I hope you get your BFP and people on the forum can help with positive stories and ideas of how to help.


TeenyTiny in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️

I only had four eggs collected three fertilised and two made it to blastocysts. One gave me a bfp and one in the freezer. Try to stay positive! You are still in the gamexx

Thank you so much for sharing your very positive story 💕 your right we are still in the game, I shared your exact words with my husband tonight and we are both looking at it much more positively. Good luck 🍀 with your pregnancy 🤰 xx

Will be thinking of you.xx

Rgcw in reply to Hidden

I had five eggs collected. Only two fertilised and then only one got through to day five. I am now nine weeks but fingers crossed everything continues to go well! Good luck xx

TeenyTiny in reply to Rgcw

Wow, 9 weeks pregnant. Wishing you the very best with your pregnancy 💕

Thank you for your uplifting story xx

Six eggs is a good number to start with. It only takes one! I had six eggs this round and only one made it but it ended in a bfp. Wishing you success.

TeenyTiny in reply to forMoira

Thanks for your message. It’s so uplifting hearing all the positive journeys. Massive congratulations on your bfp 💕

If you dont mind me asking how old are you? I am 29 now and have low amh. And the doctor said he could only get at most 7 eggs out of me.

I am on day 4 of Stims.

I wish you luck! Its my first cycle and I feel so anxious and scared its not gonna work.

TeenyTiny in reply to Dmatta2

Hey Dmatta2. I’m 36. My amh is 9.1.

Out of all my cycles ( being 3 so far) I’ve always got around 11 eggs. My problem is getting them to blastocysts unfortunately 😢

I know only to well the anxiety you must be feeling right now. My only advice to you is... going through your stims try your best to relax, honestly the stress does the egg quality no good. I found acupuncture brilliant with helping me relax. Also,get loads of sleep in 💤 again it’s meant to help the quality of your eggs. Drink loads of water and eat healthy. I also was put on DHEA this time round,they say this can too help with the quality of your eggs.

I know it’s easier said then done but just passing advice that was passed on to me. Good luck with the rest of of stims and egg collection. I’ve my fingers crossed for you


On my first round I only had 3 eggs. All fertilised and made it to day 5 so don’t lose hope. Xx

TeenyTiny in reply to Lamorna80

Thank you for your positive story. Fingers crossed I guess xx

Oh gosh I have no answers, this is all still so new to me in terms of the ivf stuff. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a hard time. 😞

Sending you lots of love - you’re in my prayers xxx

Hi I had 6 eggs taken and only 3 fertilised ! I was fearing the worst and thought I didn’t have a chance but one made it to day 5 !! I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck 🤞🏻🤞🏻xx

It can be so hard to stay positive, I think you're amazing to have been through so much and keep going. Probably doesn't mean much coming from a stranger but I'm really proud of you for being so strong and wish you all the best. Fingers crossed x

Thanks so much for your lovely message ❤️

Sorry you are having such a tough time really hoping that this time you get to be lucky try not to give up yet it could still work out for you x

ShankD, you really have had such a heartbreaking journey, but I’m so glad that there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing your story xxxx I wish you all the luck in the world with your surrogacy 💕💕

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