Ivf frozen embryo transfer

Hi everyone I have had frozen embryo transfer and it’s my day 11 today I still have 3 days left for my blood test but last two days I have Been bleeding heavy with blood clots but also I have taken a home pregnancy test and got a faint positive is there any chance of me being pregnant Iam very upset this is my first embryo transfer please give me some answer thanks 😔

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  • Could be implantation bleeding then, fingers crossed! I’ve read some ladies have full af and have a bfp. Or the positive could be caused by the ivf drugs (I think they stay in your system for a wee while). Think you’ll need yo hold out for OTD to find out . Good luck xx

  • Hi I would test on your OTD. I had bleeding and still got a BFP with my FET. I think it could be implanatation bleeding don't worry I hope you get you get your BFP. Xx

  • Thanks for the reply saf4naz that really cheered me up hopelfully I get positive tuesday xx

  • I really hope you do Sev88 if you read my posts I really thought I had my period but it was red blood which went soon to brown I nearly gave up and tested on my OTD to get a positive the 2ww is a crazy time just hang in there sweet pea praying for you and good luck 🙏☘️

  • Thanks so much will update you Tuesday with my results xx

  • Yes I hope to hear from you Tuesday and kept yourself occupied and try not to be a mad women and google like mad I think we're all guilty of that xxx

  • Will do Iam guilty of that tooo unfortunately take care xx

  • Take care too I'm always here for you xx

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