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FET third time lucky - Taking Lubion

We have been trying for 7 years and had two IVF’s and one IUI with no luck. My doctor has given me Lubion as I think the problem might be short luteul phase and low progesterone. Has anyone else taken Lubion with success? Sending out happy vibes to all

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Hi. I had 25 mg of lubion till 11 weeks of my pregnancy (now I’m 12 weeks)

I also had some other medication such as cyclogest and progynova , fragmin and aspirin.

Last two for thinner the blood.

It’s a lot but it’s works for me from our first cycle.

I wish you the same ❤️


Thank you so much for your message, that has pepped me up for the day. Transfer tomorrow - yikes


On my 5th cycle I had lubion injections and I am now 27 weeks, I think this is what helped and kept my pregnancy xx

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Thanks Button I am hoping it will be the missing piece of the puzzle but who knows where the journey is going to take me

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Hi emma2739. hearing good results from Lubion. Fingers crossed for you. Diane


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