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Effects of progynova on endometriosis - does anyone have any experience?

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So as the title says I'm after anyone with endometriosis who has any experience with taking progynova.

I have severe endometriosis. I've started taking progynova in preparation for a hopeful FET later this month. However day 2 yesterday and I ended up in a and e with acute endo pain. I'm worried the progynova is doing some more damage and it affect my treatment.

Any advice or help would be appreciated. TIA. X

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Hi, I just came across this and wondered how you were doing? I’m about to start my FET protocol and suffer with endo and also have Progynova prescribed x

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Hello!! I'm still suffering but controlling it with my painkillers at the moment. The clinic wanted to stop the cycle yesterday when I explained what's been happening but I refused when they offered no alternative and it would be several weeks until a review and therefore several weeks until I can try again!

I don't think they're happy with the painkillers I'm taking but I'm hoping to wean them down over the next week.

I already know this cycle won't work because of the endo flare up but I just need to feel like I'm giving it a try. This year has been just so crappy I want to feel like I'm trying. 😔

Sorry for the pity post.

Good luck with your cycle x

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Please don’t ever be sorry, it’s so hard when you are so desperate to have a baby and you’ll do whatever it takes.

Have you thought about getting a second opinion with another clinic to see what they would recommend?

I know it’s so cliche but you have to stay positive. Also have you thought about some kind of acupuncture or some kind of alternative treatment to help with the pain?

I have everything crossed for you xx

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Thank you. I'm incredibly disappointed coz I was so well prepared for this cycle.

I've been on good supplements, I've changed my diet considerably (gluten free, cut down dairy, caffeine free), exercise daily, having weekly reflexology. I don't know what else I could of done to prepare.

I will definitely be seeking a second opinion. The clinic have never considered the severity of my endometriosis and just put me on the same drug protocols as everyone else!! I'm not happy with their attitude to individualised care. 😕

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