Missing Progesterone Presserie for a day

Guys I am having real bad irritation and feel I'm swollen, sensitive, and in pain there... (I think it's because of the presseries)

Do you think I'll be ok to miss my progestrone for today??? I'm normally on 3 a day but I've not been able to sleep well for past few days and am so irritated and edgy and everything else.

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  • Cyclogest? If so ti can put it in rectally instead xx

  • Yep cyclogest, I'm in so much agony I cannot explain and of all the days my clinic decides not to reply today.

    So I've not had any dose of cyclogest or progynova today. I feel like shit.

    I've never used anything rectally as the thought of it gives me shivers... but I'll try Fredaflinstones. Xx

  • It’s fine doesn’t hurt at all cos of the coating. I literally put it so it’s just inside - I don’t push it up (tmi). I’ve done it that way the whole time.

    And you can take your progynova tablet anyway?

  • I used all mine rectally no mess or iritation xx

  • Does it hurt? It's quiet long and did you use an applicator or just pushed it in?

  • Just push it in so it’s just inside it doesn’t hurt Xxx

  • I'm going to have to try it now as I'm scared of missing it too.

  • I didn't use an applicator just popped them in 🙈 First few where a little tricky but then it just became normal everyday routine xx

  • I'm going to have to come out of bed and try rectally, never thought I'd have to do this but hey ho, this might be easier than my current method. Xx

  • Hi

    I had to take 3 pessaries with the applicator vaginally for 12 weeks. I absolutely hated in the end but never stopped as I know they are really important to prevent miscarriage. Just hang on in there it will be worth xxx

  • I would've never stopped but I feel itchy, swollen, tickle (omg) sore, and everything else not only where I insert the presserie but just above that too (tmi) I've not slept well at all. I am feeling so guilty already, I've missed 2 for today and am going to try rectally after I've prepared myself... 😖

  • Oh dear poppet, maybe you have thrush or a urine infection? I would go and see the clinic or doctor tomorrow. Hope you feel better xxx

  • I recently finished my anti biotics for urine infection, I had a lot of pain in abdominal with that hence I think this can't be urine infection.

    I'll get it checked out perhaps by my GP will arrange an appointment.

  • Ahh antibiotics can change your 'environment' down there and cause thrush sometimes. Maybe get checked out and see if you can use some cream to help xxx

  • Hey Rubinaa

    I've had bad irritation from them too. Haven't tried them rectally but will let you know what I've done which I've found to be helpful.

    I apply the pessary and give it 20-30 minutes to absorb, if I haven't already showered (I only shower before using them when I'm working as I start work early) then I'll shower to remove all the pessarie to prevent irritation. If I have already showered I use a baby wipe to remove any excess pessary that's come out as I find this is what irritates me. I then apply a small amount of sudo cream.

    I only apply them twice daily but I use this method each time and I'm definitely finding that I'm no so irritated below now.

    Hope this helps 😘 I know how horrible it is xxx

  • I'll try this right away. I tried using the presserie rectally but no success so I had to insert it vaginally... 😭

  • Good luck! I hope you'll feel a little better tomorrow after trying this 🤞 Xxx

  • I really do hope so. Thank you so much for your help. Xx

  • Your welcome 😘 Xxx

  • How's thing today? Feeling any better? Xxx

  • Amanda I couldn't thank you enough, I actually used sudo cream like you suggested and slept the whole night without any irritation or itiching and soreness, I feel much better this morning and I'm thankful I asked for help from you ladies here. I am

    Going to continue using this cream today and see how it goes as my GP don't have any appointments for the next 3 weeks - also I tried rectally and failed miserably hence after the sudo cream I had one dose of progestrone instead of 3 yesterday. I'll let you know how I cope throughout the day. Xx 😘

  • Really pleased to hear this has helped 🙂 Xxx

  • It's much better today than it was yesterday. I'm really thankful to you. Xx

  • Glad I could help 🙂 Xxx

  • I've done it rectary this time less mess and after the first time you'll get used to it xx

  • Yep safe to say I’ve only ever done it rectally. Certainly not dignified but it gets the job done! It does give me upset tummy doing it but it’s normally after 30 min of it being in so it’s done what it needed to😬

  • Does sound a bit like thrush to me, get some medical advice xx

  • Yes will try to get an appointment with the GP - if at all they will have one for this year. Xx

  • I found rectally much easier with the pessaries. Less irritation, less mess and easier to insert I thought. Not exactly the normal everyday activity but soon becomes part of routine haha. Once you are less irritated you could alternate between vaginally and rectally so you don't get irritated again. I'm on crinone this time and can only be used vaginally. Sigh x

  • How are you coping with crinone? I hope it's not causing any problems for u unlike me.

  • The manual cleaning is vile but as it's gel it hasn't irritated my insides like the pessaries did. I was told you couldn't move from one to the other though for some reason. I'm on them for another 6 weeks all being well. I'm kinda getting to the point where I want to ask for a blood test to check my progesterone levels to see if they are high enough that I don't need to take them as the bloat from the progesterone is ridiculous. At least the cramps seem to have settled as they started hours after I took my first one. x

  • Don’t miss it babe as all others say do rectally I was worried about it too as hospital told be to do rectally for couple of days after my egg collection xxx

  • I tried rectally and failed miserably, then I took one dose vaginally and the sudo cream helped with the irritation...

  • Yes I agree with the other posters, do it rectally, it's honestly nothing. The only thing I have found is that although it's less mess etc that way, I seem to suffer a lot more with wind (tmi!) and feeling bloated. To the point where I was in so much pain once that I had no clue what it was. I try to do mine vaginally now just for that reason. But it's such a personal thing. See how you go xx

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