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Hello lovely brave ladies. Just a quick question. Have any of you had progesterone injections rather than pessaries? I'm having them this time as I didn't make it to the 2ww last time and they think it may help. However I'm a little nervous about them and the nurse said I can't do them myself. I'm not sure if this is really the case and I'm a little worried as my husband works crazy hours so he won't be able to do them everyday. Any experience or advice very welcome. Xx

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  • Hey, I'm currently on pessaries and an injection called Lubion for extra progesterone. I've been injecting myself, very similar to buserlin injections early on. Which injection have they said you will be injecting? X

  • Hmmmm I can't remember the name so will check when I get home. They say it has to go into muscle (either bum or back of thigh). Is that what you are doing? X

  • I'm injecting into my thigh. I can't see why your not allowed to inject in your own thigh? Hmm. I wasn't told to inject into the back of it..maybe it's more effective injecting in the back of it? X

  • I'm not sure but think it's because it has to go into the muscle. I will ask more questions when I'm at the hospital on Thursday and get back to you. How are you feeling with it all? Xx

  • It's not too bad, getting used to it now. X

  • Hi Daisy -Mae I'm on cyglogest pessaries and lubion injections too. I do these myself and into my tummy.. Needles are small and quite easy to do. Last cycle I was on Gestrone, and they were intramuscular and hubby had to do those in my thigh as I wasn't allowed too. good luck xx

  • Oh that sounds like what I am going to have! Did you find them very painful? The nurse made me worry a bit as she said they are very painful 😁

  • Hello Daisy Mae, I've had lentogest which is progesterone in oil and is an intramuscular injection. I think it's sometimes called gestone or at least they are similar progesterone injections. I had to inject mine into my butt, well the mass of muscle just above my butt. The needle is the same one you use to draw up and mix your stim drugs so thicker and longer. I did it myself. Just used a mirror it was very easy and actually not painful at all.

    So if your on the same then my advice look on you tube for a video as there's loads of women self injecting.

    Good luck

  • Hi Daisy,

    I did these and had all the same worries exactly. In terms of the actual injections, they are not nearly as bad as I thought they might be. My advice would be to make sure you rub the area of your bottom after the injection before you sit down. Give it a bit of a massage! Also... Make sure you go in the upper outer part of the bottom and not the fleshy fatty bit, it's much less painful!

    In terms of managing having it at the same time... We found evenings much easier for us and adjusted it as needed. We tried to keep it within half an hour of the previous day and if we needed to give it much earlier one day then we would bring it forward by 30 mins each day in advance. Does that make sense?

    I am more than happy to chat about these things so give me a shout if I can help anymore xx

  • Thank you that does make sense. They have told me to do it in the morning but do you think that is not the case? Could you do them on your own or did your husband do them? Thank you for helping xx

  • Hi spongy how are you getting on?

    I haven't been on here for some time as I lost my husband very suddenly on 7th February. Trying to catch up with things now xx

  • We specifically asked to do them at night. They were fine with it but we started the night of egg collection rather than the following morning. They said as long as it was the same time each day roughly then am or pm didn't matter.

    My hubby did them. I know some people do them themselves looking in the mirror but personally I would've found that quite tough.

    Let me know if you have any other questions xxx

  • Hi I took the injection twice a day and I did mine myself they were fine once I'd den them a couple of days good luck

  • I had the progynova pessaries and had injections of Lubion which are subcutaneous ie in the lower abdomen, like the stimming injections. As my husband was away and the clinic an hour away they felt these were better for me to do myself- I'm a needle wimp!!! However, they are expensive if you are self funding!!! The other progesterone injection Gestone goes intramuscularly ie thigh/bum is cheaper but you may need someone to do it for you, again these are cheaper than Lubion if you are self funding but more tricky to dispense and can be painful. It's worth having a chat with your nurse. Mine was brilliant and looked at what best for me. Hope that helps!

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