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FET natural cycle at risk to be cancelled. Feeling really upset


Hi, i am currently doing aFET cycle with no down regulation as the drug give me severe migraines. I know that there is a risk for me to produce follicles with that cycle. so I had my scan today and they found two follicles. They might be cyst or full of eggs. They did a blood test. I will have the results tomorrow. I am dreading the results as since last year I had no chance with my treatments. Anyone has been in this situation and were able to carry on the their treatment? Thanks for your support xx

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I’m sorry as I haven’t been in your situation - I’ve only had a fresh transfer so far - but didn’t want to read and run!

Good luck, fingers crossed that you get the results you need and you can go ahead with your FET xx

Hi Caza2009, thank you very much for your support. It’s very kind. Really appreciate positive vibes. Yes I am keeping my fingers crossed. How are you doing with your treatment? Take care xxx

We failed our first fresh transfer a few weeks ago, but we have 8 embies in the freezer so I’m guessing our next step is a FET. We have our follow up consultation on Thursday so should know more then.

The journey is tough so I think we all have to stay as positive as possible...when we can!

I will have my fingers crossed for you - keep us updated xx

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We ave the same amount in thr freezer i will be trying with 2 moreib Octoberc

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I’m hoping it’s a lucky number!! 😊 we’re only allowed 1 transferred as we’re NHS funded. Fingers crossed for you for Oct 🤞🏼 x


Good luck for October!!! 😱🤞

Oops problem with my phone. I didn’t mean to say 😱 so sorry

Thanks. wow 8 is a really good number! I hope your next try will be successful. Thanks for your support! Xx

Im sorry and good luck xx 💕

Thank you xx

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