My First IVF Consultation 1st Nov 2017

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all ok... :)

I am all new to this, I have recently been approved IVF through the NHS.. I had 3 rounds of clomid but no luck :(

I am really really anxious for the process and the injection sides of things I really don't know how I will cope with it.

Does anyone have any tips or anything or advise?

Lots of Love


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  • Hi how Long do you wait for ivf from NHS and how much do you pay many thanks

  • I wont have to pay for the first 2 cycles with the NHS approval .. after that would have to pay if not successful and they vary depending where you go x

  • Hi, don't be anxious. You will cope!

    I'm currently on my third cycle as unfortunately the first two weren't successful. Best tip I have is to be organised as you will probably be given a lot of medication and I found my clinic rushed through when and how much I should be taking. I was given a handout but found it wasn't detailed enough so I'm glad I took notes at my initial appointment when they ran through the medication. YouTube has some good videos of how to do certain injections. Best of luck xx

  • Hi Gingergirl17,

    Can’t give you any tips or advice but wanted to say I must just be behind you in the ‘journey’. Following my lap and Dye we’ve been referred for ivf straight off but awaiting a letter for a first appointment - this will be at the hospital rather than the fertility clinic so guess I’m a stage behind you...

    Please keep us posted and wishing you the very best of luck! 😘

  • You'll be just fine and do great. Loads of support and tips on here to help you get through. The injections will be no problem - I hate needles and I've been okay on the whole doing them myself - and the clinic will help you with everything. My clinic made me practice injecting myself and mixing the drugs up before I left them - you'll be nervous but soon becomes just another thing to do in your day. Exciting times - wishing you loads of luck! xx

  • Ah don’t worry, it soon looses its fear factor! My husband does my injections as we felt it kept him involved, and I couldn’t be doing with the pressure of mixing it! Any questions then just shout, this site is great for tips, and holding your hand when you think you’re going mad!! Xxx

  • Welcome to the forum, it’s natural to feel anxious especially as it all feels unknown but once you ‘get going’ you’ll become a pro. The injections aren’t as bad as they seem, you’ll always be able to ask questions or talk about how your feeling and get the support on here. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • thank you so much ladies! I was recommended this support forum and now I know why, your messages I really appreciate it, made me feel a bit better about it all already :) xxxx

  • After the first injection - it's easy!! I was lucky, didn't have to mix anything up but I was so fearful of the injection I got my husband to do it!! Mine had to go in my thigh, alternating, so he made me stand in the kitchen doorway, with my trousers round my ankles!! He wouldn't listen to me & the instructions I was trying to give him & eventually I got so worked up about I just told him to stick it in!!! Once it was in, it was easy - I've done everyone since then - become quite a pro at it!!!

    You'll be fine - this process stinks but it's amazing how strong it makes you.

    Good luck for your appointment next week x

  • Hi gingergirl

    Im on my 2nd round now. Don’t worry about the injections, honestly, like the others say after the first one you will b a pro. Ice the area first and u don’t feel a thing. I’ve been recommended to go on folic acid, and ubiquinol - helps with egg quality and 75 grams of protein a day to again improves egg quality apparently. Make sure someone checks for vitamin d levels as this can effect fertility and there is a correlation between low vit d and miscarriages as well.

    Good luck with it all xx

  • I am going to go get some extra supplements this weekend, at the moment well for the last few months I have been taking the wellwomen and my fiance wellman.

    I have an appointment on the 1st Nov then an appointment on the 7th one for a nurse then a consultant or maybe the other way round.. I had my bloods done already.. I am at the Bourne Hall clinic do you know how long after then treatment would start?


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