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1st consultation date

Hi Ladies,

Just a little update.....I have my 1st consultation date - 1st December! I know it's not a huge deal but finally feel like we're getting started. Am using a CARE Fertility Clinic and they have been amazing, getting back to me when they say they will and very friendly, is any body else using them? Or had any experience of CARE?

Am smiling like a Cheshire cat! x

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Great news hunni :) I take it that's your 1st ivf consultation?

It's such a long process this fertility stuff..everything seems to take forever..

Good luck with your appointment I hope everything goes really well.. I'm sure it will do :) Let me how you get on :)

It's always nice to feel like you're moving forward and making progress :)



Yea it is, am booked in to have a scan too which will also be my first so am hoping that goes well and there's no horrible surprises. Hope everything is going well for you too :-) xx


Thank you :) things are going well for us too.. Last week found out the doctor surgery didn't test my hubby for hepatitis b antigen..luckily they had frozen some of his blood and tested for it.. Results are being sent to our clinic.. Now we've gotta wait till they find us a recepicent.. Yippee making progress now :)

I'm sure your scan will be fine try not to worry..always easier said than done I know I'm the worst at it.!!

If you have any questions on any of the egg sharing process I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.. :)

Good luck with your appointment so exciting :D



That's crazy...how can they just not test for something? Lucky they could do it quickly when they realised though I guess. Oh wow....I can't wait to be at that stage of getting matched up. Fingers crossed they find a recipient for you soon :-) xx


Thank you hunni.. It's taken us 3 months to get here coz of fertlity issues with me.. I'm sure yours will be a much more straight forward process :)

I'm sure you'll be fit to after your screening results are back..they're usually back within a month.. Mine did.. So won't be long to wait.. Plus with Xmas on it's way it'll fly by ;) You'll be able to enjoy crimbo and ready to go early next year :)



Wow, I hope so! We are lucky in the sense that it is very straight forward in terms of we know exactly why we can't get pregnant. So fingers crossed! Make sure you keep us posted with getting your match :-) xx


That's good..that's progress in itself..

The nhs failed to discover why I was unable to conceive..I have a son from a previous relationship.. And they wouldn't give us nhs funding for ivf.,

My clinic discovered why I wasn't conceiving..

I discovered there I've got a small left ovary.. Low amh.. And finally discovered the real cuplit I had an under active thyroid.. It was within normal range but if you're ttc it should be ideally no higher than 2.5 as it effects implantation. Can cause miscarriages.. Birth detects.. I'm glad it has been found out as

1) it gives us a better chance of ivf working..

2) I will make sure it's monitored closely throughout my pregnancy

I will def keep you updated...

It's great they no y ur not preg.. This unexplained thing is rubbish.. Took us 3 And 1 month to finally know why I hadn't conceived .. Felt a lot better knowing the reason. ..

I think if you've got a reason at least you can understand it and get the proper help you need.. And you must let me know how you get on.. You can Pm if you want..



i used a care clinic and had 2 embryos transfered with icic on a 3 day transfer and have 4 weeks and 3 days left and my little girl will be here cant see her being late as she measures 2 weeks too big i started my treatment in december 2013 and was pregnant by april 2014 i egg shared too and the lady i donated to is pregnant too good luck on your journey and dont worry about egg collection you dont remember anything xxx kirsty xxx


Hi Kirsty, Oh wow how exciting! Congratulations, bet you can't wait to meet your little lady :-) I hope it goes as quickly for me :-)

Sian x


Good luck on yr journey. Hope it all goes well. Nice to have a good clinic too. Makes a huge difference. As jess said patience is something you have to have during IVF! Stay as chilled out and positive as you can, it will make a difference. Give up or limit a lot yr caffeine and alcohol content. I also watched a you tube clip about not eating too much processed food and refined sugar during the treatment to stay as healthy as possible. Lots of good luck wishes to you xx


Yea, it's nice just to be getting the ball rolling. I don't really drink alcohol at all anyway but am going to need to start weaning myself off coffee I think. Thank you so much and hope everything is going well for you. xxxx


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