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Newbie saying hello

Hi all. Well I've never used a forum before but thought I'd give it a shot (used to those now lol).

We are on our first round of icsi and I'm on day 13 of stimming with menopor. We have a scan later today to check follicles as they are growing slowly and on Friday they saw what they think is a polyp. We were gutted as may mean further delays.

I'm on a higher dose for past 7 days due to the slow growth so I'm just hoping when we go today there will be some good news finally and they have had a growth spurt.

Anyone been in a similar situation? Starting to feel really crappy now and hoping for good news today!

Well that's me so far......

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Hi Vicky,

Fingers crossed that there will be some good news when you go in today. Hopefully the polyp will cause no issues, but even if it does, hopefully you will get plenty of eggs and in turn embryos so you can wait for the FET. I am currently waiting for our first FET as my fresh transfer failed at the beginning of October.


Hiya, yeah they have said that it may need removing and having freezing whatever they manage to get.

Good look for your FET and hope you don't have to wait to long.


Hi Hun welcome to the forum, lots of ladies on here with useful advice and info.

I had my first ivf cycle a few months ago and growth was slow and I was panicking but got better towards the last few days. Like yourself they found a polyp too but it didn’t grow big enough to cause any issues - so they told me anyway. Sorry I don’t have much faith in my hospital anyway try not to worry too much xx



I have an intramural fibroid so like you I have to have EC's and then after they are complete, go on to have a myomectomy before I can have any FET's. I was on a long protocol, of buserelin, merional (menopur) and ovaleap for the whole of September. Had nine follicles, 7eggs and only 2 fertilised to a 2 and 3 cell stage before being frozen a.k.a not good quality embryos. talk about a kick in the guts. I had to have a growth hormone injection called zomacton to help my follicles to grow, talk about slow and stop BUT eventually got to the point of EC. Don't let it get you down, you will get there....every journey is VERY different. Sending hugs your way.


Thanks yammie. Have they given you any timelines on how long till FET? If it is a polyp then I'd rather it be removed and give us a better chance.

It's hard to stay positive when you are faced with new hurdles isn't it. Good luck with your FET! X


No guidelines at all. I have to arrange with the clinic to go in and see when I can start the 2nd cycle of down regs and stimming....but consultant wants to do a review meeting first (not looking forward to that as he may just say not worth pursuing after all) Mine is a fibroid rather than a polyp, so will involve full blown surgery to remove and then 6 weeks of recovery....looking at it realistically, probably looking at this time next year before first FET, if they survive thawing that is!!! I don't believe in positivity at all, being a realist....what will happen, will happen, what doesn't happen, doesn't happen....adjust the process and move on. It is the only way I can live from day to day!


Thanks for the replies. We've just got back from the hospital and have been booked in for egg collection on Friday. I've got to do another dose of menopor tonight then trigger at 10pm.

The biggest follicle was 18mm and others were 16 or lower but they don't want to leave it over the weekend and them go too far.

No decision on the polyp yet they are going to look again on Friday but looking like we will have a FET once the polyp is removed.

Feeling relieved that it's booked and just hoping they get some decent eggs now on Friday.


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