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Hi everyone! I decided to join this great community because I hope to soon see some positive test result! Hubby and I are third months trying! I now that it is too early to be worried. As a child and in puberty, I often had urinal bacterial infection, as a result of the weak immune system. That somehow led to the little thicker uterus wall. I don't want to think that could be a problem, and still have high hopes!

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Are you talking about Endometrial Hyperplasia? What's the measurement says? Unless it thicker than 12-15mm during ovulation it should work just fine. Well, there are both medicine induced as well as clinical treatments for this. So, even if you're having a much thicker than 15mm endometrium it can be undone and you can get pregnant. Usually, it's done using progesterone and occasionally through progesterone+estrogen pills. Consult your ER and they should be able to deal with it. :) Keep TTC in the meanwhile though as the lining thickness is variable for each cycle - though not significantly, but enough to give a narrow scope for your embie to implant itself.


No, no one still did not mention something like that. The last measurement, at just regular control, was something about17 mm, not in ovulation. But in that time, I still wasn't planning the pregnancy, so I didn't think a lot about that. You mentioned progesterone, and some of my cycles were induced. The explanation was lack of progesterone, so I was on the pill. And now, the combination of that with this thickness gives me a little worry ! I will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


Hey Ema, 10 to 15 mm is just fine for FET but anything lower or higher than that range may result in chemical pregnancy. Having a higher sound comparatively better than the lower one - it could be regulated with a couple of months on hormonal pills. However, you got to consult the ER before going on pills. My last MC has been concluded as a possible uterine layer inconsistency. :( Hope the clinic is able to help you with the thick lining and you could be a mom soon! :)


Thank you so much! You gave me very useful info. I was reading about it, but you know what happens when you go through the Internet... I am a little scared of the pills... In the past, I had major weight oscillation and I am pretty sure that it was because of them. But, as you said, I think that I will probably visit someone to get advice... Just to choose right clinic. But,I will post update !


He! I think you can get pregnant and become a happy mother. But I would like to find out more about the thicker uterus wall because I seem have this problem. I am looking for symptoms on the Internet but can not understand all. Maybe could you talk me about it on your example? Maybe you have special sensations?

Thank you in advance!)


HI,and sorry for me not responded right away...

Well,I went through some exams in last two weeks. I had blood analyses, hormone test and three ultrasounds. They were before, in the middle and after the cycle.

Apparently, if you had period problems,like different size of each cycle,and not getting it on time,it can cause Hyperplasia.

I had this problem from my college years, like 10 years so far.

The first thing that I need to do is ,when I get my hormones back again,to see on what pill should I be,to get hormones in order.

After that,we will see...


And just to respond about symptoms...

I didn't feel any special symptoms...Sometimes,I got my period on 21st or 22nd

day in a cycle...I often feel pressure in my lower back during the periods. Beside that,nothing. Period flow is , I would say,normal. I read about it , and there is no special symptoms.

I also asked my doctor,and he sad the same thing. I think that US is the most certain way to establish the problem...


Hi, yes it seems to me that you worry too early. But if you have any concerns, then you can contact the doctor and take the necessary tests. Perhaps after that you will be able to calm down, but most importantly - you need to relax. Perhaps you need to go to the sea. You know that many married couples get to conceive a child during a rest or after a rest. My husband and I tried to conceive a child for almost a year, but nothing happened. After the examinations, the doctor told us that we need IVF. The first attempt was unsuccessful, now we are preparing for the second attempt. But now I lost faith in success, especially after the first unsuccessful attempt. I thought that we could "catch" good luck the first time, but unfortunately .... Now I do not know what to do, of course we will try IVF for the second time, but ..... Now I'm increasingly thinking about the surrogacy. I do not know why I do not believe in myself, but I so want to shift responsibility for bearing and giving birth to another woman. I'm afraid that pregnancy can be difficult. I also began to worry after one of the messages on this forum. There the girl wrote about a miscarriage, now I can not calm down. I feel so sorry for my husband, he never showed his doubts. He believes in our happiness, but why do I disbelieve? Is this feeling experienced by every woman after such a failure or is it just an autumn depression? All these events coincided so unsuccessfully, I do not like the cold. In the autumn, I begin to feel depressed and all this adds up to the already existing chronic depression. And in the winter ahead and many problems, can our dreams come true or not? I so want the onset of spring, I think in the spring we will know exactly what our plans for the future will be. Tell me please, who had a similar situation? How did you get rid of depression, how did you find the strength to fight? Just now it seems to me that all our efforts are in vain. Now I feel like a complete pessimist, it's disgusting, I've never been the same as now. Tell me please, how do you feel about the surrogacy? Does the surrogacy have a better chance of success than IVF? A surrogacy always work the first time? Or sometimes there are situations when you need to change the surrogate mother? Is it expensive in terms of money?

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Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Please,don't worry so much. Dont be offended,but if you feel so down,maybe counseling can help you ? It made a big change of seeing things with me. After some time,maybe things can look awful to you,but it is not like that...About surrogacy: I think that surrogacy can be the solution,but for me ,only if I have exhausted all other possibilities. I think that surrogacy don't have to succeed from the first,but that is not something that should reassure you...Just be patient,I hope that next winter,you will be with the bump :-)


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