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Hi everyone, my husband and I went for our first appointment at a fertility clinic today and we are buzzing with excitement :) it's taken us one year to get to this point due to various complex medical issues and administrative delays but now it feels like we are officially "trying" and it feels amazing :) it will be nice to get to know others and talk about the process. I am a chatterbox and am always happy to support whenever I can. It has already been an emotional journey and I'm certain that the emotions will keep coming so I'm sure I'll be using this space to vent as well!

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  • Hello and welcome, glad your feeling excited and hopefully ready to start soon x

  • Thanks! Lots more appointments coming up soon. Feeling blessed to have help from science!

  • At least with appointments things are moving, all the waiting about is the worst. We have just started our 4 th cycle so hoping it's finally our time πŸ’•

  • Aw wow, you're so brave, best of luck 😘

  • Welcome and good luck with your journey, when are you hoping to start your cycle?

    Mine is hopefully mid April /may


  • Ahh best of luck! It's such an exciting time :) I only had the scan for follicle count today. Because of genetic complexities they're doing more tests. It'll take about 8 weeks before they try to extract eggs...x

  • Soon come round quick, it's taken me over a year to get to now, and I've still got few months to go,

    I'm more excited this time, but also nervous.

    Have you started the medication yet?


  • Not started any meds yet... How about you? I have been warned that the mood swings will be rough. I've got PCOS anyway with crazy mood swings so not looking forward to that!

  • I haven't started yet won't till mid April/May as it's been delayed as found wasn't amune to rubella so had that done Friday got wait a month to re test and if that's all good then can start,

    I had an unsuccessful cycle 6 years ago and i didn't suffer from any side affect or mood swings,

    I was dreaded them as it's enough going through it let aknown possible extra things on top.

    I see you said 8 weeks so we could be on the same cycle together you have to keep me posted, x

  • welcome! You're in the right place to vent and for support. It's an exciting period in anyone's life and wishing you the best for a positive outcome. There's loads of lovely ladies and great support on here. Best of luck πŸ€ xx

  • Aw thank you! I already feel like I've had so much positivity from being on here! I struggle to talk to people face to face as my husband doesn't want everyone knowing what we are doing (religious family) so it's nice to talk on here instead :)

  • Hi MrsJasmine,


    It is very exciting to move forward especially as most wait of us wait so very long to get to this stage.

    Wishing you the best of luck on your journey ahead and look forward to sharing the experience with you!!

  • Welcome to your journey. :) x

  • Hi. Exciting when it starts to come together isn't it? Like you guys we are not telling anyone as when I told my mum she manages to put her foot in it every time so we've decided not to tell anyone else. So being on here is the only outlet πŸ˜ƒ

    Hope all goes well x

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