OTD and don't know what to think 😢

OTD and don't know what to think 😢

I had my FET on 11th (5day blast) and tested positive with a first response test 7 days later. I didn't test again until today which is my OTD. I've just had a 'Not pregnant' on digital clear blue but faint positives on first response and normal clear blue test. I don't know what to think. I've had 1 chemical from natural FET and an early mc from medictated FET so I'm really scared it's going the same way.

Anyone had a negative digital and positive normal test and had good news?

Picture below is of today's tests.

Thanks to all and hope you're all doing ok.

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  • I hear your fears Hun. Go to the clinic and get a hcg. It's a worrying time but keep hope. X

  • Thank you Claire xx

  • False negatives are much more common than false positives, especially if you’ve done two different tests but try to disregard any tests you did before your otd, they give us a date for a reason!

    I would ring your clinic tomorrow morning and ask for a blood test but until then, assume you are pregnant. It’s probably just that your hcg levels are too low for the clearblue digital to detect as yet. Good luck!

  • Thank you very much for the advice. I'll ring my clinic tomorrow xx

  • Oh hun just woken up and checked here straight away..as the girls say call clinic to get bloods done to know for sure. I am crossing everything for you xxxx

  • Than you Vic, I was so sure it was going to be good news this time after all my strong early pregnancy symptoms. I'll ring clinic tomorrow. Hope you're doing ok xxx

  • Let us know how you get on with clinic tomorrow..I so hope this is a bfp😀xxxx

  • Going to re test tomorrow I think. Give my body a bit of time and will hopefully know tomorrow if it's a definite yes or no. How are you feeling? xxx

  • I've been there with the clear digital when I had my chemical so I totally get how your feeling, I also heard that the digital ones too are harder to detect hcg too.

    Ring your clinic tomorrow, they may tell you test again in a couple of days. There is another line of the test you did today. Try and stay calm and relaxed today. Good luck x

  • Thank you and so sorry to hear about your chemical. It's almost easier having a BFN to begin with isn't it xx

  • I've had two chemicals 😢 but I got a BFP last week 😊 So dreams do come true. I refuse to do the digital test because of that reason and that so early on they don't seem reliable. All the best I hope your clinic can reassure you tomorrow x

  • Thank you so much for your advice and massive congratulations on your BFP! Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy.

    I haven't plucked up the courage to ring my clinic yet as have been feeling a bit too emotional but I think I will re test tomorrow and then ring them with the outcome xxx

  • Please remember that the digital tests are not as sensitive as the others... Perhaps ask your clinic if you can get bloods done and hopefully put your mind at ease xx

  • Thank you so much. I'm going to ring my clinic tomorrow after I've done another test. Hope you're feeling a little better this week. Was so sorry to read about that awful letter you received xxx

  • I’ve not done anything about it. I guess I’m just burying my head in the sand for now. I’ll get around to it xx

  • You'll know when it's the right time. Lots of love xxx

  • Wouldn't necessarily come up on a digital. I hate the things and won't use them. I know it's faint but looks positive to me. Xx

  • Thank you. I had a slightly stronger line on day 7 but I think it was a different FRER. I think you've had a similar experience with your tests? Lots of luck to you xxx

  • Yeah I did. Always buy the same tests : ) x

  • I never got a positive on the CBD they are a lot less sensitive something like 50 I think and if your tests are faint on FRER won't be enough for digi! Even when I got a fairly strong pink line CB still said no. I would say congratulation in order xx

  • Thank you very much for your advice. I didn't realise the digital ones were less sensitive. I'm going to re test tomorrow morning xxx

  • Hello! The clear blue actually looks like a very faint positive to me. The other line is just much lighter than the darker. They say that typically happens in early pregnancy depending on your hormone levels! Good luck!!! I'm wishing u the best!!! *Fingers crossed*

  • Yes it was a faint positive on the non digital clear blue but a 'not pregnant' on the clear blue digital. Thank you so much. I'm going to re test in the morning. Very nervous but I'm leaving it 2 days so it's either a clearer line or a definite no. Thank you xxx

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