Think im out! πŸ˜₯ chemical pregnancy?!

Hey all

So as the title says I think I'm out.

I started spotting yesterday pink/brown blood! Decided before bed to test just to see what it said (6dp5dt) and I got a faint positive. Really faint to the point you had to squint your eyes to see it. I woke at half 4 this morning and decided to test again, another faint positive ( 7dp5dt) but this time you didn't have to squint. These tests were first response.

The spotting has continued into this morning when I wipe. Also had some brown/pink on the applicator of my pessarie.

So I bought a clear blue digital and used it about 10am so was with my 3rd pee urine and this has come up not pregnant.

I'm not thinking I've possibly had or am having a chemical pregnancy?

I'm having AF type cramps along with sick ache both of which are signs my period is coming.

Absolutely gutted but I can't have any control over this.

And to top it all of I've just had a text to say my sister has had some kind of breakdown and has been taken into hospital.

I don't know how much more stress I can take πŸ˜₯ xxx

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  • Hey Amanda86

    Spotting can be normal, I had spotting and got a bfp last year. Stay calm and re test on your official test day on Monday. The drugs can still be in your body.

    Sounds like you have a lot on but I wouldn't presume your out yet Hun.

    Sending big hugs xxxx

  • Thanks so much missy. Just worried with having faint positive then not pregnant? Also my cramps have been quite sore. Had to take some paracetamol xxx

  • Oh no. Could it be you've just tested too early? Also the clearblue digital tests say to use first urine of the day for accurate result.xx

  • Thanks Katya,

    Possibly. I have another test which I will keep and use Monday morning as that's my blood test day. I'm hoping it's just spotting but I really feel it's not πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Oh no im sorry Amanda how stressful for you! sounds like you did get a positive in there at some point! seems a lot of people spot this early on and still have a good outcome please don't lose hope yet, I too had pretty strong cramps and still am getting twinges on and off all the time ill be keeping everything crossed for you! x

  • Thank you. I really hope it's just spotting but I just feel like it's definitely my period. I really hope I'm wrong though xxx

  • Hi Amanda86, I know you are worried. I had a brownish discharge with cramps for two weeks I thought i would miscarry at any time. I don't know how I survived to 12 Weeks.(I guess one day at the time). It won't stop there until you have your child. My advice take each day as it comes.

    Ps, i hate clearblue digital tests. I don't want to give false hope but I had two negative when I was pregnant. They are best when you are a week late.x

  • Thank you. I'm hoping it's just spotting however I thought it was maybe a bit late to be spotting and with the cramps and backache I thought it doesn't seem a good sign.

    Really hope I'm wrong. Keeping everything crossed.

    It would mean my period was about 4 or 5 days early though which is very unusual for me xxx

  • Just wait and see you never know just keep as positive as you can and test on your day xx

  • I will test again on blood test day just so I've an idea of what to expect.


  • Yes please don't think it's over just yet and rest on Monday. I had awful cramps and really felt like my period was going to start for a good few weeks. It's just an awful time waiting and wondering. Sending hugs and support your way xxx

  • Thank you. That's gives me some reassurance as the spotting I didn't think was too bad it was more having the pain with it I thought this can't be good.


  • I Was 5 weeks 5 day before I got a pregnant with a digital. X

  • Thanks misswinky

    Do you think I'm best to purchase some first response again then for test day? Xxx

  • Really that's interesting so your levels obviously have to be quite high for them to work. That's good to know as they are so expensive x

  • Defo. I hate digitals with a passion. I spent. A BOMB on them waiting to progress to 3+ and after 9 weeks I just gave up. I would rather scrutinise 2 lines anytime than rely on them! Can't tell you to wait for OTD because if your self control is anything like mine you won't be able to lol 😏

    If you need to feed the urge then get some first responses, I know how stressful the beginning is, it's torture especially when your seeing blood πŸ˜• We have had scares through a lot of this pregnancy and we're 31 weeks today.

    Sorry to hear about the stress your under.

    Easier said than done but try and put yourself first ❀️

    Good luck sweetheart


  • Thanks so much 😊 and congratulations, not long until your baby will be here 😊

    I will buy some first response. My blood test is Monday and I plan on testing Monday morning again which will be 9dp5dt xxx

  • I will be looking for your update ❀️

  • I've now got really dark red blood which is very clotted looking πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Oh no. I can really sympathise it's so horrible the not knowing x

  • Call your clinic for advice Hun. It still might be ok it happened to me. In box me of you want to chat privately thinking of you xxx

  • The information sheet I have from them just says to go in for my blood test on 31St even if I have bleeding xxx

  • Yes good idea. Blood text more accurate than any urine test.

    Keep warm and relax. Try not to google anything ok xxxx

  • Will do my best 😊

    Thank you xxx

  • Hi Amanda, that positive result in the beginning might b due to trigger my 1st cycle I got al home test negative but the blood test ws positive ...however I happened to miscarry...this 2WW s horrible..good luck fr bfp on blood result...

  • I thought that although the trigger shot was done 14 days ago and I read it's out your system by 12 days.

    It's very horrible although the bleeding is very similar to my last miscarriage so I've not much hope πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Its a cruel journey dear..try to stay positive..

  • Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oh Amanda I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling. It is such a stressful hard time. I was the same as you last time and I just knew it hadn't worked. But then I have heard such miracle stories so don't give up yet until you know for sure.

    All the worry in the world will not change the outcome x

  • Thanks Sarah

    Will be glad when I know for definite and I can brush myself off and start again. Xxx

  • Bless you. I have been there twice before and it is really hard you will get there though x

  • Oh Amanda I'm so sorry to read that your having a tough time. I really do hope that you are not out of the race yet and get your little miracle , I ll say a prayer for you for Monday , please let us know how u get on , this is just so hard xx

  • Thank you. Unfortunately the bleeding has become heavier and is red in colour.

    It's not my time.

    I think we want to take a good few months out before trying again. It's definitely been too stressful for us emotionally.

    At the moment my partner doesn't feel like he ever want to go through it again although I've told him in a few months he will hopefully feel stronger and ready again.

    It's such a hard thing to go through πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Amanda I'm so so sorry to read this. I can't blame you or your partner for feeling like this. The thoughts of goin through all of this again makes me so upset too. Take your break from this and rest yourself and when you are ready perhaps both of you will find the strength to give it another go. Don't think anyone fully understand unless they walk in our shoes X

  • I am very sorry Amanda86. I had 3 miscarriages before. It is heartbreaking. my thoughts are with you.. xx

  • Thank you. Your right it's very hard.

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriages πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Hi Amanda please stay positive till you know exactly on Monday! I also heard it takes more hcg in your blood to detect pregnancy on a digital! Praying for you xxxxxx

  • Thanks Katie,

    I have what seems to be a full period now. Think I'm definitely out but will keep my fingers crossed that it might be wrong xxx

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for u that everything is ok xxx

  • Hard to say I know but try and relax and wait till your test day. Lots of people spot and get the BFP. There is nothing you can do you have done all you can. Thinking of you x

  • Hope your ok Amanda! This is so cruel :( xxxxxx

  • Thanks everyone for your support.

    In a few months we will hopefully be feeling stronger and ready to start this journey again.

    Wishing you all lots of luck πŸ€ xxx

  • Far too early to test my love , spotting is quite normal xx

  • Unfortunately it's a full period now πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Oh Hun so sorry to hear this :( keep positive , my first one failed but my FET worked , have hope . Rest up love xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi Amanda. So sorry to hear this news it truly is heartbreaking. I had another bfn this week myself. I thought I was pregnant naturally was so convinced this time but I wasn't. When my period came 5 days late I was gutted especially when it happened at 4am in the morning and I had to get up for work at 7am the next day. I definitely believe that every bfn is that bad harder. Take care of yourself xx

  • Thanks. Your right they never get any easier πŸ˜– xxx

  • So to hear this, chemical's are so cruel. Look after yourself x

  • Thanks button xxx

  • Hi Amanda don't worry to much Hun on my 2ww all way through I had like period pain and on day 6 and 7 I had pink and brown spotting and no symptoms . On my official test day in 95% I was convince that I'm gonna have a period ...the pain was really strong through all night and that morning ....turn diferent πŸ‘Ά Spotting may be your implantation sign just don't do anymore tests ...leave till your test day Hun . Fingers crossed for u πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€

  • Thanks Olivia,

    Unfortunately the bleeding has now turned to a very heavy period πŸ˜₯


  • Oh, dear! What pain you're feeling, I'm so sorry. I know how hard this path is. We had the same thing after our 1st failed cycle. Such a great mixture of feelings! And I cannot say we could just keep positive in the position. It's better to say we did everything we could to get closer to our aim the following time. We did what we were to do, less positive but with huge hope.

    Hun, I wish you the strength and stable outlook to move further. Thinking of you X

  • Thanks Mel xxx

  • Sorry to hear your news Amanda86 😞 X

  • Thank you. Will get my results from hospital this afternoon xxx

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