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Pcos and feeling lost

Hi this is completely new to me. I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago (aged 28) and me and DH have been TTC ever since. When I was diagnosed it didn't come as a huge shock there are undiagnosed fertility issues in my family history. However I was never provided with very much information by my GP. We were told that if God meant for us to be parents it would happen, given a leaflet on PCOS and sent on our merry way.

We have since moved areas swapped GP's and I had a follow up blood test and was told everything was the same as before. I still don't know what original tests showed other than I have PCOS confirmed via scan as well as bloods.

Now my own research suggests I should of had a glucose intolerance test done but I have not been offered this, from ppls experience is this normal?

I am also wondering if my new GP maybe able to offer me any guidance on how likely it maybe that we will conceive naturally or if we should start saving our pennies for treatment.

I don't really want to waste a GP appointment if they are likely only to give me another leaflet. Hubby is currently in the process of having SA tests done.

Do ppl think it is better to wait for those results or make my own appointment to follow up my side. Sorry to of rambled on but just looking for some advice


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I have Pocs too

Your gp can refer you to a fertility clinic to commence tests and medication.

If you need any advise, just message me.

Pocs diagnosed is hard, as most doctors don’t say or do much


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Hi there. I am a GP. I would refer you to fertility clinic after 2 years of ttc, and at your age you qualify for free assessment/treatment. Do go and see your GP.

I have checked current guidance on PCOS and diabetes/prediabetes

here it is

it is recommended that women presenting with PCOS, particularly if they are obese (BMI>30), have a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, or are over the age of 40 years, be offered a glucose tolerance test as they are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes

annual fasting glucose may be useful in screening for diabetes in women with PCOS.

However, I would say this has been superceded by simply testing something called Hba1c, which indicates diabetes or pre-diabetes. You could ask for an annual check if concerned.

Good luck!

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By the way, if you are overweight (common with PCOS) and maybe BMI>30 think about asking your GP about Metformin. Helpful for PCOS ladies to lose weight and therefore also improve your fertility chances whether you need treatment or not. Safe to take while pregnant. x


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