Burselin + Progynova = Headaches?

Hello, I am new to the forum. I have started Burseline injection 12 days ago. They gave me severe headaches (migraine types). I am about to start progynova. I am scared that it will also give me headaches too. Does anybody have experienced that with the combination of burseline and Progynova? I welcome your comment. Many thanks. Mx

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  • I used burselin and progynova. Had headaches for several days but after it's disappear. Now after my bfp I still using progynova and other things and no problem so far.

    Hope you feel better 😌

  • Thanks for your support. I hope I will have no problem too. Good luck with your treatment!

  • Hi dear I’m on both medication with not side effects, I’m having my linings scan tomorrow, good lock with urs, this is my first FET.

  • Good luck with your scan!

    Thanks for your support.

  • I had terrible headaches and felt so tired with the buserelin but it actually got better when I started the progynova.

    Hope you feel better xx

  • Hi you sound like me with the burseline. I had to take 3 days off work as I could not cope with the headaches. I hope my symptoms will improve too. I have just started progynova. So we will see

  • I also had awful headaches and tiredness with burselin but once I started the progynova they eased. Make sure your drinking loads of water to xx

  • Ok will do. Thanks for the tip and support.

  • I use buserelin on all my cycles which gave me headaches. This time round 3rd time I made sure I increased my water intake and only had headache a couple of times. Also took Progynova combined and had no side effects. All the best I hope things get easier for you x

  • Thanks for your support. It gives me hope to see that for some people the side effects of the burseline disappeared once they started progynova x

  • I had headaches the second time i used progynova but not the first. I switched to evorel patches and they’ve been fine. xx

  • Ok. thanks for the tip. I will bear that in mind xx

  • Hi Mimiwisz. Buserelin works on the pituitary gland in the brain - hence the headaches. Fortunately progynova is an oestrogen, so should make you feel better. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

  • Thank you very much for your explanation. Myriam

  • I had severe headache

    And my dr was it doesn't happen

    She was rude and impolite

  • Hi, I am sorry to hear about the hat. I hope you changed doctor

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