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Need some advice

Hi ladies as my previous post I'm on my 2WW. I did a Superdrug hpt I'd heard they they are v good. I could see a faint line straight away looked grey ish tho! I later did a cb digital and a first response both negative although I thought I could see a v v v faint line.

Anyways I've got up this morn and done a first Response and within a few mins a v faint pink line came up but 100% there I couldn't believe my eyes! I quickly did my last digital and it's negative. Anyone had any experience with this I've heard cb digital are less sensitive?

I'm praying this is correct

Thanks ladies x

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How many days post transfer are you and how many days to OTD? I read they can be iffy and unreliable when you've not waited long enough


Just a natural cycle no treatment I think I'm about 10dpo just did some cheap tests and no lines but I used the same sample that FRER gave me a line this morn 😤


When's your period due? I think on all the packets they say they get unreliable for certain number of days after you are due? Can't remember which way it is but it will be about being sensitive enough to pick up the small amounts of hcg which increases if you are pregnant


I'm due on Friday or Saturday I'll post a pic see what you think! I've since done some £1 ones too and they were negative


Not sure how to add pics do you?


Don't think you can unless it's on the main post.

Just got this from google "Early pregnancy tests can now be taken several days before your period is due – but the earlier you take the test, the less reliable the result. The number of days varies according to the make of pregnancy test. The earliest tests claim to be reliable from up to 5 days before your period is due".

So read the test packet on each test and see what they say about how far from your period is due you should test. Otherwise it's all unreliable results.

Wishing you luck x


Thankyou I'll do one in the morn and I should know then! Xx


Clear blue digital never showed up with me when I was pregnant . I don't like the clear blues I always use the first response ones. X


Same I gave up on the digi as you would think twins and double hormones they would have worked x

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You would think so xx


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