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Is this too faint to be positive


I had the day 6 transfer last Sunday so testing one day early and used a cheap test from Boots and got this faint line. Could I be pregnant? I can’t believe that I could be as we have been trying for years and years now with no luck and my single surviving embryo wasn’t great quality. I read online about evap lines so wondering if it could be that although it came up as this faint line straight away and one site said an Evap line comes up after it dries out.

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I am not the best person to say as I have never had a positive test...

But I do see that as positive!! For sure!!!


Looks like positive to me 😇

That looks like a positive to me! 😍

Oh my god - I’m not sure what to think as I have never had a positive result after 10 years of marriage and on and off seriously TTC-ing. I told my husband and he is same as me - can’t really accept that it might be positive. Thank you for your replies I so appreciate it - it’s really encouraging to receive your messages. Xx

It looks like a BFP to me 😊

Looks positive! Congratulations!xx

Congratulations xx


Looks positive , congratulations xx

Do you mean the line going in the opposite direction to the control line? That’s a strong line. Am struggling to see one in the other direction but worth checking again in a couple of days xx

Hi Yes I know it looks actually a lot stronger in the picture but it’s much lighter than the control line. Just one line though in the opposite direction as the control line. Keeping everything crossed


Hi emma2739. That's positive! Well done! Diane

Thanks Diane I can’t believe I have got this far. This was our last attempt with my eggs x

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