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Hello 👋

Not really sure what to say.. I’m new here, first post here. I’ve been on the Endometriosis community for a little while. I’m home from my consultation today after a laparoscopy 5 weeks ago, where I have been diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis. I don’t ovulate, had all the tests etc and I just don’t release an egg. I might do, but my cycles are known to be 90+ days so it’s been a long hard road to finally get here due to blood tests needing to be done on certain days etc.

But anyway, today I’ve had it confirmed. I don’t release eggs. So it’s going to be hard if not impossible to get pregnant alone.

So... partner is off to the Drs this week to get his cup for his sample - he’s not too happy about it! But he’s going!

Then clomid is the way to go, but I also need the pill to bring on my period, I switched off at this point and forgot the name of this pill? Does any one know what it will be? And can any one tell me what it’s like taking clomid and that pill to bring on my period?

What’s the risk of having multiple pregnancies? I asked her today and she said low, but what ever I read online everyone seems to have had twins or something with clomid!

I feel awful! I’m currently wrapped up in bed, crying on and off. Not knowing what to do. Can I start the journey of clomid and miscarriages, negative pregnancy tests.. can we survive it? I feel so lost!

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Welcome to the forum, I feel like I was in your position 3 years ago. I to have PCOS, endo and don’t ovulate but don’t give up hope. I took clomid for 7 months unfortunately for us it was unsuccessful and I didn’t ovulate at all. The risk of twins is higher if you produce to many follicles but they do monitor you and if they think it’s to high risk they advise you not to try that month.

Try to take one day at a time, I know it’s hard but don’t like to far ahead just yet. Yes it’s an emotionally and physically demanding journey but if you have things to look forward to along the way, even just meals out or a trip somewhere it does help. You’ll get amazing support from everyone on here xx


I'm expecting twins after clomid 😵 I too read loads online about it and when they told me I wasn't that shocked. It's

Something you need to think about tho. I think the best approach is to take every day as it comes Hun as when we look at the big picture and the whole story it becomes way to scary and too much! Just try and take one step at a time. Wishing you all the luck! Ps clomid isn't too scary at all nothing much happens xxx


I wasn’t on clomid but was given microgynon pill for a while and norethisterone to bring on my period before starting ivf- could do it have been one of them? xx


I’m doing clomid, can’t have ivf so not sure it would be that?


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