24+2 non identical twins update *warning scan pic* πŸ’™πŸ’™

24+2 non identical twins update *warning scan pic* πŸ’™πŸ’™

Hey everyone

Thought i would check in with my update i dont get a lot of time with having a toddler and trying to rest as much as i can with carrying twins.

Pregnancy is wll going good both boys are growing well I had my growth scan yesterday and they are about 1lb 10oz each I had my follow up with the consultant and i let them know i want to try for a natural birth so if all goes well then I can try but there are risks cos of my scar from my first son being only 18 months old but they will advise further around 36 weeks as its likely i will be induced at 37 weeks.

Ive had a worry this week as ive got varicose veins on the back of my leg and they had been causing some pain so i rang my local surgery and was advised to be seen at the hospital so I was down a&e a couple of nights ago for 3 hours i was given clexane as a precaution and my bloods taken and then i had a further 2 injections while awaiting a scan on my leg of which i have had today and there are no signs of blood clots on my leg so am relieved

Best wishes to you all where ever u are on your journey and remember there is always hope xx

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  • Lovely update, glad you are doing well x

  • Lovely pic, glad all is going well xxx

  • Thanks for sharing, glad to hear everything is going well. X

  • Ro5ie congratulation Hun soooo happpyyyyy for you my best wishes and prayers and for you and your unborn babies 😘

  • Aww hun thats brill news. Thanks so much for sharing. Posts like this really help xx

  • Glad you and your twins are doing good xx

  • Thanks so much for sharing, lovely pic and congratulations

  • Lovely update and scan pic xx

  • Congrats. Lovely pictures xxx

  • Lovely to hear your boys are doing well! You will see a huge growth increase at your 28 week scan. Mine were 1.6 ish oz at the 24 week then at the 28 week they were not far off 3 pounds! Can't wait for my next one in 2 weeks to see how much they weigh! What position are they currently in? Mine have decided to be T1 transverse and T2 breech not the best πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ x

  • Wow they are good size babies how many weeks are u now? Are u going to be induced? In my scan i was told both were head down but then when i seen the consultant she had on the print out T1 head down and T2 as breech my next scan is 14th november xx

  • Actually thinking about it I think at your stage mine were 2.4 each. I'm 30 weeks today! They rekon maybe 6 pounds each when born! πŸ™ˆ I'm only 5ft and was 9 stones before so it's a lot for my body to take xx

  • I bet you cant wait till there here now. one of mine they plotted on the 75% centile line my first son was 8lb 8 and he was born at 38 weeks. Im struggling more with this pregnancy i was 9st 6 before pregnancy and 5ft 8 all thr pressure is making it un comfortable to get about and varicose veins just getting worse xx

  • Lovely scan pics, and glad to hear it's all going ok for you xx

  • This is so lovely to see. Congratulations and thank you for sharing xx

  • Amazing scan pic, glad it’s going well! Xxx

  • Great pics Ro5ie! Lovely to see that both of your precious little ones are doing great!xx

  • Congratulations. Xx

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