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**Scan pic warning**


After 3 failed ICSI attempts and being advised to think about using donor eggs - we went for 1 last shot with my eggs.

Result is I am now 12 weeks 2days pregnant with a wee stubborn baby who refused to play for the sonographer!!

I have been bleeding since 10 weeks with this pregnancy but they found 2 big bruises under baby sac so will probably be bleeding for a while yet.

This path isn't easy and many times I thought about giving up but so glad I didn't.

Keep the dream going because 1 day it will become a reality!! xx

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Huge congratulations 🎉🎉🎉Beautiful picture 😍 and thank you for sharing. Hope is needed on this tough journey and stories like this really help 🙂 Enjoy the pregnancy ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

So happy for you Lorraine! Goodness we could be twins this time - I’ve had a bleed /SCH too!! Hope you turn a corner soon and so glad baby is happy and healthy. Love that we are on same dates too (1 day out) 😃 xx

Congratulations x

Congratulations wish you all the best throughout your pregnancy xx

I had my ICSI baby in March this year x

Thank you for posting xx

Congratulations ! Beautiful scan hope bleeding settles and you can enjoy this special time x

Awww congratulations! Glad to hear all is going well Lorraine!xx

I’m delighted for you! Congratulations. And on your last shot with your own eggs, just amazing. Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy xx

Lovely PIC , huge congratulations hun


Great news :-)


Congratulations Lorraine! Such lovely news xx

Amazing news! I'm the same as you, had 3 failed ICSI cycles and chose to have one last go before considering donor eggs. I'm now 17 weeks! I don't think I relaxed until the 16 week midwife appointment when you get to listen to the heartbeat, it was incredible. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

Wow! Doesn’t it give us all hope! Congratulations 😘

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