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Ivf process?

I've had all investigations carried out by my consultant and IVF has been agreed as my next step so a referral was sent to Glasgow Royal (my local infertility clinic doesn't carry out IVF). I've now received my appointment for Glasgow Royal and wondered if anyone could share info such as what might happen at that appointment, how many appointments in total for first round (idea of time away from work etc) and timescale roughly from that first appointment to actual transfer. I have no reason to believe I won't get a fresh transfer, all my test results were great (as were my husbands) my fertility issue is only having one tube and it's blocked (other tube removed because of ectopic). Any advice on how I can prepare, things to do or things to stop? Any info would be much appreciated.

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After saying about a fresh transfer I'm. now thinking about the fact I don't even know anything about fresh or frozen or what would be considered before making that decision... I really don't have a clue what to expect 😕


I don’t live in Scotland but would imagine the process is the same regardless. We were referred in May for IVF and we had our first appointment in June which was a group session where we were given information on the treatment - what to expect and what it involves it was really informative and we gained lots of information.

About 2 weeks after this we had our consent signing appointment where we signed all the relevant paperwork and our treatment plan was confirmed, after this it was just a case of waiting for my period to arrive.

Once I got my period I rang the clinic and they confirmed we could commence treatment that cycle. We was on long protocol, next appointment was on day 21 of my cycle in which we received all the medication and had the teach session on how to inject and I started the down reg injections. I did the down reg injections for 2 weeks and then had a scan to confirm my ovaries were inactive and womb lining thin enough in order to start the stimulation injections.

I then started stimulation and injected for just over a week before going back for a scan to see how we were progressing I had produced follicles but they were a little on the small side so my medication was increased and I was given a scan a few days later. The second scan confirmed I was ready egg Collection which took place 2 days later (at this point it was about a month from when I first started injecting) I had my ET 4 days later. Hope this gives you a bit of an idea.

In terms of preparation I cut out alcohol and caffeine. I tried to eat foods which were good for each stage of the IVF treatment - I bought a book by Emma Cannon called Fertile: Nourish your mind and body ready for baby making it was really good at giving foods to eat etc I also went for daily walks and tried to relax as much as possible. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Ps our first round upto now has been successful and we got a BFP x

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Thank you so much for all that info, it's so exciting and scary. I'm a bit worried about the injections, did you do it yourself or get your OH to do it? I think I might need my husband to do it because I'm a bit of a wimp 😂. I just want time to go so quickly and get started, I hate all this waiting.


I did the injections myself my hubby sometimes works away felt it was easier if I just did it so I wasn’t relying on him to do it. They are really not that bad the nurse will do the first one with you to make sure you know how to do it once you’ve done it a few times you’ll be a pro I found it bet not to hesitate and just do it lol wishing you lots of luck lovely x


Thank you and huge congratulations on your pregnancy 😀 xx


Thanks lovely xxxx


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