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Frozen Transfer at GRI


Hello all,

I have been reading some of the posts on here on and off for a while now, but have never posted anything. I am currently in my first round of IVF at Glasgow Royal and I had a fresh embryo transferred last November, but was unsuccessful. It was very devastating, but we got through it. I have just phoned up for the next try, which is frozen embryo transfer, and got an appointment for a couple of weeks time. I was just wondering what happens with frozen transfer, i appreciate its a bit different, so i just want to know what to expect.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.

:-) xx

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Hi Hun wishing you all the best for your FET. Unfortunately can't help you out as just found out today that I am BFN. I am following your post closely as I also will be going for a FET next time. Wishing you every success with your Frosties xx

Helto200 in reply to Cpea

Aw, thank you. Sorry to hear your news as well. It really is a struggle isn't it?. I will keep you up to date on what's happening, so you know what to expect. All I know for sure is I go for my prostap injection on the 19th February and then a scan on 10th March. Hopefully my little snow babies are keeping well and all will be successful when transferred.

How you feeling about it all? You can have a vent if you like.


Cpea in reply to Helto200

Aw Hun glad you have your dates, it's the waiting around that's a killer though isn't it. I find myself scouring these posts whenever I am free and not busy doing something else. It's brutal tbh!

As the day has went on I have begun to feel better, I kind of knew on saturday past that my cycle had failed as I took a period but I tested positive on PG tests. Today I tested and it was so faint I knew it was over. My OTD is this Saturday but I know it's not good news.

I have decided to try acupuncture, not really one for alternative therapies but been reading a lot today about this guy called Gerad Kite. He's London based but I have found a place near me (Dundee) which does the same sort of accu. This has made me feel a lot more positive!

Sorry Hun! That was a post and a half 😊😉 xx

Helto200 in reply to Cpea

Lol, that's quite alright. Yeh I might consider acupuncture this time round, heard it's good for relaxing as well. I'm a bit of a cynic, but worth a try.

The waiting part has been the worst. We have been on the waiting list since April 2013, bit of a joke to be honest, so when we finally went for the first transfer part we probably put a lot of pressure it. Gonna make this one as stress free as possible. Easier said than done though!


Cpea in reply to Helto200

Too true Hun. Well I wish you all the best, hopefully we will both get some well deserved good news 💕 Take care Hun and try and relax hehe x

Helto200 in reply to Cpea

Thank you. Same to you as well. Positive and relaxing thoughts to you.


hopeforICSI in reply to Cpea

I am in Dundee xx hope you come out of this pain, strong for next FET xx

Ah wishing you loads of luck with your fet. Mine was a whole different (easier) ball game than my fresh et which was unsuccessful like yours. I had a natural frozen cycle so just did the pessaries and was scanned for ovulation then embryo was put back at the right time. It was a breeze compared to full /fresh cycle. Our little girl is now nearly 1! Wishing you loads of luck and sending loads of love xxx

Helto200 in reply to jenny34

Aw, thank you for your reply. It's great hearing success stories. The whole natural frozen transfer confused me. Guess it just means they dont pump you full of drugs and let natural hormones flow? I will find out soon enough the final plan.

Thank you for your insight. And happy birthday to your wee one when it comes around 😀 xx

Hi Cpea, I'm so so sorry to hear your news, I really hope you're holding up ok?

Helto200, my first (fresh) cycle failed in December and I am just about to begin my frozen cycle. I understand the devastation and the need to know what is going to happen next.

In case it helps, I can tell you what I have been told. I was offered natural or medicated cycle. Even though i have regular periods (necessary for natural cycle) I opted for medicated. On day 1 or 2 of my cycle I will have my baseline scan. Then I'll start the progynova tablets. Once I'm on them for 5 days I will start the cetrotide injections. On day 10 of the progynova I will have another scan, which from my understanding will decide if I am ready for FET.

I have decided to only have one embryo transferred (we have four frosties) should it not defrost well, the clinic will keep defrosting them until (if!) they have a suitable one. I'm due on any day now so it should all be happening quite soon. I'm trying to stay positive but truth is I'm very scared of it not working again.

Good luck to both you ladies, I hope you get the BFP you deserve xx

And thank you Jenny34 for sharing your wonderful story - it really does give me hope xx

Thank you for you information. That's a great help. My periods are pretty regular as well, but guess I will chat about options on my next appointment.

Very exciting and nerve racking for you as well but think positive and happy thoughts. I think the first time we put too much pressure on ourselves coz we waited to long, so I'm going into the transfer on my own this time. Going to try and make it as less stressful possible.

Good luck to you, everything is crossed. Keep us updated. If you want to.


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