IVF in the UK or abroad?

Hi everyone. My husband and I are new to this and we're exploring our options since funding was withdrawn in Cambridge where we live. We were tested three years ago and everything was fine so we have "unexplained infertility". But I turn 40 in January so we are at a turning point where decisions need to be made. I was wondering whether anybody has feedback on whether it is worth going to Europe for IVF treatment due to the lower prices? Is it worth the added stress of having to travel backwards and forwards during what I understand is a very difficult time. We both have full time jobs and other family responsibilities (elderly parents). I know that members can't recommend specific clinics but it would be good to have an idea of people's experiences abroad vs in the UK.

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  • Hi 👋 and welcome. Although I can’t advise you on clinics abroad there are many women on here who’ve had treatment overseas with good results. I’m sorry to hear that treatment was withdrawn in your area, it’s truly devastating with all the cuts being made to ivf funding xx

  • Hi

    I am having my treatment In turkey

    My clinic offers a good package that's why I chosed it , although I had failed cycles but at least I can afford ivf in turkey

    Do u research and decide where u want Europe is cheaper than U.K. That's for sure

    it's worth it

  • I'm having treatment in Athens due to the cost in the UK. We have only done NHS treatment in the UK but so far pretty impressed with everything. I guess it has it's down sides as it's not so near etc and takes a but more planning but other than that no complaints! You can have a read at some of my previous posts, I'm 40 in November too so time wasn't on our side and we don't have loads of money to do lots of treatment either. If you've got any questions then feel free to message me.xx

  • Hello, yes of course many people who are faced with this problem make the decision to go abroad. First of all because of age, because in many countries there is an age restriction for the IVF procedure. Therefore, many couples and go to places where this restriction is not available. My friend is also going to do IVF soon. But this will not be the first attempt. The first attempt was still many years ago. Then they decided that they would not fight this problem. And now they are 43 years old and they decided again to try IVF. And then if IVF does not work out, they will learn about the surrogacy. But I do not know for sure whether my friend and her husband are falling under the age restrictions for IVF in our country. But the fact that the price of IVF in our country is quite high - this is true. Therefore, they want to find a country where the IVF procedure is cheaper. But they are still undecided, they only study recommendations and feedback. As for the difficulties of transfer. Yes, it seems to me this is a certain stress, of course, you will have to take leave at work. But this will save you money. But here you must decide on your own. What is more important for you, saving money or comfort?

  • Hi

    I can't recommend personally but a friend of mine went to Croatia twice for IVF (after 7 failed attempts in the UK across a number of years) she highly recommended it to me,said the treatment & follow up were brilliant. Both cycles were successful. Truly terrible that funding not available in your area! Wishing you all the best & hoping that this post helps a little x

  • Thank you so much for your responses, it really helps to focus the mind and see things from different perspectives. I'm thinking more and more that abroad is our best option. Better to keep the debt down I think.

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