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IVF abroad?


Has anyone tried IVF abroad and if so did it really work out cheaper than UK, including flights, hotel etc? How did you choose the clinic and how can they claim to have higher success rates than UK clinics when they use the same procedures etc? We can't decide if this is the most suitable route for us as we have had 2 failed cycles last year and are unsure whether a different location would be of any benefit. Cheers

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I haven't done it. But I've had IUI abroad. I went to Denmark. It's hugely cheaper than the UK. 3 cycles of IVF for about 4K flights about 150... Check out some Danish clinics. I used vitanova :)

Hi Sacha

Sorry, I realise your post is quite old (hopefully you were successful) however my partner and I are considering using Vita Nova and I wondered if you might be able to advise whether you would consider it a good clinic to go to?

Thanks in advance.


As a charity we can't promote clinics but you if you have a look at our website there is more information on there and also if you want to register with the charity (free) you will be able to get in touch with others who have had treatment abroad. I wish you well with the outcome. Regards, Diane

Hello, I have been here reprogenesis.co.uk/, it is in Brno in the Czech Republic. It was considerable cheaper than in the UK, state-of-the-art equipment and really professional. I am pregnant now:) Good luck!

There are 2 reasons why IVF abroad is better.

First, the stress factor. When you go through the IVF procedure at home in your own environment where you have thought so much and stressed about conceiving successfully you actually remain stressed and nervous which reduces your chances of conceiving. So abroad you actuallt ahve more chance of being successful.

Second, the price for IVF is much lower aborad because the labour costs are much lower. In the UK you are paying for high labour costs, high rent for the premises of private clnics and so much more. Abroad all these costs are much lower. And good hotels are very cheap for anybody coming from the UK. So in the end it works out to be much more cost effective.

I recently wrote a post on my blog about it: wp.me/p3gksz-30 search for IVF.

Good luck!

take a look at ivfineurope.com they have first hand experience, lots of options and sound advise - also ensure you keep a fertility chart take a look at my site for an example plus more infertilityhelptoday.com

we also have done it, in Czech republic, our czech friend recommended Gynem in Prague, she followed steps of Dr. Mrazek who came through many experiences and is very kind person...

It can be a huge hassle to find the right clinic but ultimately treatment abroad pays off. A lot of places, particularly in Europe, have a better success rate as they are acutely specialized in IVF. It might also be worth looking a bit further abroad. The problem is finding sufficient information to make the right choice - patient review sites like whatclinic.com are useful, but I found Medigo to be more of use. It's a site that lists a lot of info on each clinic plus loads of photos, and even better gives a price estimate from the very start. Quite a few IVF treatments here medigo.com/en/reproductive-...

Hi we went to Prague IVF Cube ( after I was told I'm not entitled to IVF under NHS, because my husband has children from previous marriage!) and was extremely happy with the clinic and such a good approach and effective communication I've never experienced before. Prague is magical place, we stayed 1 week, done lot of sightseeing - very relaxing. It did cost us around £ 6000 ( they are not the cheapest) but I did follow my inner instict and vibes. Im 14 weeks pregnant, even if we were not successful I would chose the same place to repeat the transfer of embryo which cost around £700. Good luck in searching, we found this place through the Infertility show which was held in London last year.

my friends underwent ivf treatment in invictaclinics.com/, one girl did ivf pgd. Clinics rates are high, girls were satisfied with service level and docs professionalism. Ivf is cheaper than in UK (from 1500 Euro), and I can find only explanation as JMBActive gave above.

If you want to compare clinics success rates, you should compare only clinics that are members of one organization as success rate is calculated by one methodology then.

Hi, i know this thread is old one, but would like to share it in case someone else comes across it. Free tool to compare ivf clinics abroad with tons of useful stats, reviews and stars -eggdonationfriends Hope you would find it helpful

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