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Egg donation uk or abroad

So hubby and I had a chat over the weekend and have decided to move things forward with egg donation.

We have a few queries about the benefits of going aboard. My understanding is it's cheaper, but is the saving worth the stress of having to travel overseas?

How long do you need to go for?

Do you still need to go to a clinic in the U.K.? For tests etc

Why go overseas versa the U.K.?

Any advice appreciated.

I know specific clinics can't be discussed but I hope this ok.

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Hi Sweetpea,

Hopefully you feel better now that you have made a decision on the route of your treatment.

I think some of your questions will be different answers for different women and what's maybe important to some maybe not so much for others.

There are pro's and con's to both but you will find the right path for you and hubby I'm sure.

My response to your queries would be:

Yeah by going abroad you can have treatment for much less than in the UK.

I spent an initial day at my clinic which was a pain to do that travelling for 1 appointment but you need to take that on board. Some clinics offer Skype consultations but I wanted to see the clinic for myself. I go back for 8 days for transfer.

I had to get some initial testing done like bloods etc but my docs done most of them.

The main reasons I decided to go abroad was due to cost and also the donors at my clinic are 18-25 so eggs are from a young woman and they also need to have already had their own child. In the UK the donors can be from 18-35 and do not need to have had children previously. I had my first cycle at 34 and as my problem is egg quality I feel better knowing my donor is a lot younger.

Downside is clearly having to go through this and having to do it away from home.

I have had a few wobbles but don't think there will be many women who don't at some stage.

If you want to know anything else just let me know.

Wishing you well on your DE journey and just remember there are no right or wrong choices ❤


Me and LBM1979 share our journey with each other almost daily and yet we do have some differences as well as similarities.

Going abroad as she says for speed is why we did it too. We absolutely didn't do it for annonymous reasons. It was also slightly cheaper for the treatment.

I didn't have to go aboard before the treatment started. I was linked to a hospital here and my consultant and UK co-ordinator handled everything. This meant I didn't have to sort my own blood tests or scans - which is reassuring for me but women do this and amazingly cope with it!

Being away from home didn't bother me. Don't get me wrong I really wanted to come home but we extended our trip. Which mean I could relax on the beach reading for the first week of my 2ww.

Some places offer you pictures of donors. Mine didn't. Again; it varies country to country.

I questioned myself so much about whether I was doing the right thing. I joined the Donor Conception Network and they put me in touch with another member who lives near me with two daughters from DE IVF. It was amazing. Being a part of a group is important I think. We'll stay joined in this group when we have a baby of our own x

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I have done DE in the Uk. Happy to answer any questions if you message me xxx


Thank you for your advice. Interesting to know that women in the U.K. don't have to have their own children, LBM1979!

One of my biggest issues is getting the time off work needed. I work for an individual so it can be quite disruptive if I need to take lots of time off. This was a big factor in choosing a clinic in the first place. So does make me think going abroad isn't right for us. Would be concerned about the extra stress.

I think I may look into joining the donor conception network emu2016, sounds like you found them very helpful.

It's nice to be able to ask questions and hear from people who have gone through it. I am starting to feel like I know the decision we have made us the right one. Often for me it's a gut feeling then I look to confirm it.


Most overseas clinics will want you there for 7/8 days for a fresh donor transfer.

I don't find travel stressful at all, but it depends on how you view this, as to whether it is going to weigh you down. Our coordinator at the clinic arranged almost everything for us so although we didn't speak the language, it was really straightforward.

Yes, you will need tests that are no older than 3 months and these will need to get done in the UK. I had mine through my local NHS clinic, except blood type as the NHS don't offer this.

It is a lot cheaper. Not silly money - it still costs - but is far more reasonable. I don't like to post figures here, but am happy to give you the lowdown in a private message.

There are some excellent clinics in the UK, but you can usually proceed far more quickly with donor egg ivf overseas, so it depends whether time is on your side.

I hope this helps and that you are able to make your decision soon. xx

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we went abroad for egg donation treatment. The main reason was money. We decided to find something is cheaper and high-quality, I know it sounds ridiculous, because all know you have to pay for the comfort. honestly we didn't expect we would get such a nice attitude and lots of attention to our problem.

frankly, I know nothing about UK clinics because we didn't apply for them.

BUT if you find a good one just move on.

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We had egg donation ivf in the uk and thankfully it worked for us first time. Wouldn't change our baby girl one single bit. Happy to answer any questions you gave.

Good luck xx


Gemma pls check your msg


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