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Hi there. We had a failed icsi cycle sadly in July. Getting to the point now where we want to book a private cycle we will be using donor eggs. The success rates are obviously a lot higher abroad but I've read this is because they take every positive pregnancy test as a successful result whereas in the uk they rate every live birth as one. Can anyone clarify this for me? Also I know if you go abroad you can put back up to 4 embryos over here it's only 2. We would love twins but the thought of quads terrify me!! Can anyone advise if going abroad or doing treatment here is better? I've looked at egg sharing schemes too. Thanks x

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  • Hi I'm currently in Cyprus having DE treatment the law has changed here they will only put 3 back now. The main difference I find with uk is they do and give you everything drugs wise to support your early pregnancy. I'm on much more medication than in uk as well as having scratch and intrallipid infusion at transfer. Medication goes on for 3 months to support early pregnancy. I just feel here they want it to work as much as us and are giving us every possible chance with modern drugs to help. Also they automatically use embryo glue embroyscope and assisted hatching as standered all in the price. They also do ICSI on every treatment as success rate is higher with it. X

  • Hi Blondyboo glad to hear all is going well, Please can you private message me the name and details of your clinic in Cyprus just want to be researching in case this cycle fails. Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I wouldnt mind the details as well please altho Im currently looking at spain for treatment x

  • Massive thanks xxx

  • Great thank you sounds good. How did you find the scratch?xx

  • Honestly? Bloody awful!!! It shocked me how painful it was. But only lasted a couple of minutes and all worth it fingers crossed! Would I have it again if need another round of IVF... yes πŸ˜–

  • Oh yikes but I guess childbirth is worse lol!x

  • Hi i hope everything is going ok. Could you also pm with the details of the clinic. If you are feeling up to it xxx

  • Like Blondyboo I am also embarking on a donor egg programme abroad in Spain. I am currently going through a mock cycle where the pit your through the medication and look at certain points along the process e.g. lining thickness so that they can adjust the medication for the real cycle.

    The benefits of abroad versus UK. You are likely to get treatment a lot quicker and I mean a lot quicker. Donors are anonymous (can class that a s negative and a positive). Can sometimes be cheaper but not necessarily (need to factor in holiday leave, flights, accommodation etc). They will put more embryos back. Medication support for longer.

    We feel that this is the end of the road for us. I have gone through 6 failed ICSI treatment (14 embryos) and may age is stacked against me. When you look at the % success it came down to a total no brainer for us but it is still a hard decision to make.

    I wish you all the best with your decision making and if there are other questions there are people on this forum willing to help and advise.

  • Reallysorry to hear that. It is such a long and difficult process. Did you use donor eggs?x

  • Hi Katya

    I used my own eggs for the 6 failed ICSI rounds. I am just in the process of giving DE a try but we will not be transferring until the end of November/ beginning of December.

  • That's about the time we're looking at. Good luck really admire you going through it so many times xx

  • Hi, unfortunately the problem of ivf success rates isn't new one and refers not only the UK clinics, but also the US and European. Now it is not possible to compare a clinic A to a clinic B and state which one is better. You can compare clinics' success rates only in case they belong to certain international associations, eg ESHRE and are obliged to report based on the defined model. Indeed, various clinics (not only the UK) report their success rates based on live birth, medical pregnancy, positive implantation, and so on.

    A few friends of mine have undergone ivf at In**cta Poland and happy with them. I also know ladies who have undergone ivf at the UK clinics and got pregnant. Good luck on yr journey

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