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So Scared to start ICSI

So we have been trying for 6 1/2 years and now will be starting on my next AF.

I feel so scared as i know this will be the closest we have ever been but i also know this could be the end of the dream.

Does anyone have any advice how to deal with these emotions.

We got married 1 week ago and i am so glad we did that before the process x

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congratulations on your marriage! Regarding the emotions, I probably can't offer much help other than take each stage a step at a time. Each step is a milestone. I felt every single emotion from elation to wanting to scream and cry. I won't lie, emotionally it's the hardest thing I've done in my life but it will hopefully give you the best thing in your life. Good luck 🍀

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Thank you louisear I can imagine how difficult the journey will be. I will definitely try and take it one step at a time x


Hi there, I'm currently 2dp3dt with ICSI. We had MFI and I was sooo nervous about starting - it's normal.

It's a rollercoaster but I'm so happy to now be the most pregnant I've ever been (until proven otherwise). It's a lovely feeling.

My partner and I also got married only recently and this whole business has made us so strong. Trust the process and good luck!! xx

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Thank you, i know i should see it as the closest we will have ever been.

Fingers crossed for you xx

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My only advice would be don’t suppress any of your emotions hunny, ride with them all, they’ll be good days, positive days, days where you feel like your losing your mind, but sadly this is all normal and believe me there won’t be a thought that runs through your head that other ladies on here won’t of thought. This is a great place to sound off so I would say just don’t bottle it up and if you don’t have family and friends that understand what your going through or you can talk to we are all here ❤️ and it is VERY scary 😀!!! X x


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