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Feeling so so scared!!!


One of our two embryos has perished. It simply hasn’t expanded enough. The lab have asked our permission to thaw our last embryo. If we don’t get a call back transfer will go as planned but if we do then it’s bad news.. in fact we could already be on our way to the clinic if they call.. I can’t believe that today all of our dreams could be over. I’m really upset

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praying for your little fighter - it only takes one 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 sending love and positive vibes xx

Awww hunnie keep your chin up it’s not over until it’s over. I’ve got everything crossed for you. I’m not convinced this is the end yet.

Sending massive hugs thinking of you both xxxx

fingers crossed for you hoping it all goes to plan xx

Oh darling this journey has been so so tough on you but you keep bouncing back - that shows how strong you are. Keeping you in my thoughts and let's hope that last little Frostie is a fighter


I have no words that can bring you any comfort whilst you're in limbo but I really do hope the transfer can go ahead. What time is it booked in for? xx

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3 o clock xx

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All the best my dear x

I have everything crossed for you. What a stressful morning. It seems so unfair that this process never seems to go to plan. You can do this though! Xx

I am so sorry and hoping everything goes well and transfer can go ahead. Keep breathing and hang in there! Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

Got absolutely everything crossed for you both, come on little embie xxxxxxx

Wishing you lots of luck for your one remaining frostie 🤞 you’re such a strong and resilient person, you’ll do this 💕 xx

Fingers crossed for your other embryo - hopefully it will defrost correctly xx Thinking of you today - good luck 🤞🤞

Aw bless you. I really hope the last frostie is the one for you. You are a fighter, stay strong and keep believing. Fingers crossed for you x

Everything crossed for you🤞🤞🤞. It’s not over yet. I’m still waiting to hear on mine. It so nerve wracking x

Ah I’m thinking of you and willing your little fighter to be ready and waiting for you at 3 o clock! You really are so strong.

Everything crossed 🤞🏻


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I don’t feel strong today that’s for sure xx

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Not long now, just hang in there and know there are so many ladies on here right behind you x

Awwww bloody hell iv just read this now. Praying that the your little embie is a strong fighter. Come on embie you can do this 💗💗🤗😘😘

Oh my days vicky!! Praying for you both! Come on little one, grow!!xx

Oh god sweets, keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻xxx

Ah hunny. Fingers c4ossed for your remaining little one xx

Good luck thinking of u


Fingers crossed for your remaining one, hope all goes well this afternoon xx

On our way to the clinic. Dreading getting a phone call to tell us to turn back, to go home. This morning we had two chances left and now everything is riding on today 😞 xx

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Sending love and positive thoughts xx

Praying that everything will go ahead for you and hubby this afternoon.

Stay positive xxxx

Praying for that little embie Tugsgirl🙏Really hope everything works out for you. You so deserve this!! Will have everything crossed for 3pm ❤️ xxx

Keeping fingers crossed for you. I only had one embryo left and I still got my bfp. Xx

Thank you so much for this xx

Oh Vicky I'm sorry to hear this. I hope your other embryo survives and transfer goes ahead xxx

Oh my goodness I'm praying you get good news, I'm really upset for you reading this. Thinking of you x

Have everything crossed for you xxx

Oh no hon 😳Keeping everything crossed that ur embie is all good and is soon settled into its new comfy home Sending positive vibes, baby dust and a great big hug! Xxxx

Good luck!! Wishing you a super successful transfer! Thinking of you!

God the anxiety is kilking me. I have faith this embie is the one lovely high hopes for this one. I'll be looking out for your updates thinking of you lovely big hugs 💗💗🤗😘😘

Not heard anything yet and currently in delays on the motorway. To say I’m stressed is a bit of an understatement xx

I can imagine this is huge pressure bless ya. I'm rooting for you hun. Great that you haven't got a call hope it stays that way 💗🤗😘

See my update lol xx

I know I 💩myself before I read the rest of it. Come on embie you can do this. Enjoy your fries and calm down now my lovely 💗🤗😘

Keeping everything crossed for you that this isn’t the end. I know everyone says it but it only takes one! Xx

Trusting that everything works out for you. I know you're really concerned but as noodles says, it only takes one. She is totally right. Hang in there.Big hugs.xo

They called even though they said they wouldn’t if everything was ok! But our last embryo has survived!!! I’m still upset with losing one precious embie but at least we still have a little ray of hope. Please be a little fighter ❄️💪🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 xx

Oh that is great news!!xx

Now I just need to calm the eff down lol 😂 😅 xx

Absolutely, deep breaths honey! Soon be reunited with your little one! I think we all need to take deep breaths too!! xx

Omg this journey is just bloody awful isn’t it? I’m surprised we’re all not in straight jackets in padded cells and dribbling down our chins! xx

It's true. I can feel what your going through it's crazy 💗🤗😘

Ha ha ha so true!!xx

I 💩mydrkf then when I seen calked. I'm so happy for you relieved is under statement big hugs 💗🤗😘

Thank you sweet xx


Still a bit stressy because sat nav is saying eta of 2:52 so we’re cutting it fine xx

Oh god what would, hapoen if your a bit late ? Xxx

They said last week that it would be ok but we do need to let them know.. sat nav now saying 2:54 xx

Just ring and let them know u will be few mins late it's friday traffic is always crazy on friday's xxx

We’re moving... it’s still saying 2:54 🙏🏻 xx

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good luck hun xx

Ok what do you think xxx

Bet you've reached now good luck lovely xxx

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Great news that your lovely Embryo has made it. I am so happy for you. Have faith and you will have your miracle. It only takes one and I will pray for you lovely. Hope transfer goes well x

Crossing everything for you 😘🤞🏼xx


Phew proves it’s a fighter x

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If I remember rightly is was a day 6 frostie because it was a bit slower than the others but maybe that just means that it is indeed a fighter 🤞 xx

I’m so sorry to hear that one of the embryo didn’t make it you must be devastated, but at least you know you have the stronger one left 😊 hopefully this one is showing signs of being a little fighter and this is the only embryo you’ll need and makes a nice home in your uterus for the next 8 months 💗 praying it’s meant to be for you xoxo

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I’ve been so stressed and upset. I think this embie was a day 6er because it was a bit slower than the others but maybe it is a little fighter. Either way, it’s our only shot now xx

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's for when you come out. Diane

Im so sorry to hear your news, I hope your second frostie is strong and you get to your transfer this afternoon xx

Aww I felt relieved after reading your update. That k God your last embie survived. I pray it survives the 2ww and becomes your so much desired baby or babies.

I’ve got everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx


Sorry to hear that x

So glad to hear it was a little fighter and now you can join me in the crazed 2ww

Delighted to hear your update. You’ve got this lady xx

I have everything crossed for you, sending love and positive vibes🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻xx

Oh no hunny..just read this...awful just awful but I see you have posted again so will read and reply there..so hoping it is good news and that wee fighter is doing well xxx

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