7dp5dfet bleeding 😪

The fear has set in today, I’m 7dp5dfet and this afternoon I’ve started bleeding. It looked red to start with but now it’s brown, It’s light and not a full flow but enough to have me completely freaking out.

In all my attempts before hand I have never bleed during the 2ww, I’ve had to wait a few days until after stopping the meds for it to arrive.

I don’t know what to do! Should I test tomorrow to see or should I wait until my test day which is next Wednesday?

💔😪 xxx

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  • It could be implantation bleeding, usually brown blood is old and if it's light. Keep positive and if you can wait till OTD xx

  • Do you know this takes place after implantation? Im home now and it’s stopped so will see if it starts again. Thank you, trying to remain calm 😔 xx

  • Yeah some women get bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy as well. Glad it stopped, hope you have a rested weekend xx

  • If it’s implantation bleeding I would think it’s unlikely to show on a test just yet. Try to wait until otd. Hopefully it won’t turn into full af 🤞 xx

  • Thank you lovely, it’s stopped so now I guess I just wait it out. 😪 xx

  • Thinking of you xx

  • When I had same thing on my first IVF I called the clinic and let them know. They can advise you best XX. (In my case they advised increase in daily progesterone).

    Keep my finger crossed for you to be ok.

  • Good idea, thank you, I will do that. I’m taking 600mg a day, so 3 x pessaries a day. Let’s see what they say. Thank you xx

  • Bleeding can be quite normal, hopefully it's eased off. I would give you clinic a call, they will be able to reassure you and suggest increasing your pessaries.

    Fingers crossed for you x

  • Yes it’s stopped now, so now I’m anxious every time I go for a wee to see if there is any blood. Thanks for your message xx

  • Thinking of you love, I had a little bleeding probably about 2 days later than you’re experiencing & brown spotting, while I did ultimately have a miscarriage, I did still get the positive pregnancy test so, despite it being understandably worrying, I’d hold out for your test on Wed as u could get a negative result this weekend giving yourself unnecessary extra upset when things could turn out better on Wednesday? I know it’s hard but I would try and hold out & maybe call the nurses in the meantime to see if u can do anything. All the very best love xx

  • Thank you, I talked it over with hubby and we are going to wait until Wednesday. I’ve stopped bleeding now so will just have to wait it out and try not to stress. I’ve emailed my clinic so waiting to see what they say.

    God it so bloody hard isn’t it! Thank you for your lovely message xx

  • I think that’s best love, despite it feeling like the longest few days ahead ever. It is very hard, i’m with you there. You’re made of tough stuff, keep going, will keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday xxx

  • Sorry to hear you're having such a stressful time but glad to hear it's settled down. As the other have said hopefully it's just implantation!!🤞🤞xx

  • Thank you, hopefully. I’ve not had that before so it totally freaked me out. Is stopped now so just holding out to Wednesday xxx

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