Feeling lost

Just found out the rest of our funding has been taken away as they have dropped the funding in our area.

It's just been one of those days can't help but feel negative. Everywhere I look all I see is people with babies or pregnant it makes me just want to hide away from everyone.

Then this has happened and we didnt have any to freeze this cycle it's just all added pressure 😢

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  • That's awful! I say it every time the conversation comes up but I still can't believe they're cutting so much funding! Will you be able to fund any yourself?

  • This is absolutely terrible. I just think it's awful that there are such health inequalities depending on your postcode. Really really hope you won't need another cycle. Sending you loads of positive thoughts and good luck. Xx

  • Fingers crossed for you. When the rules are changed they should change them for new patients not current patients

    Could u register at a doctor near ur work or partners work that had better funding? Just a thought as a back up? Xx

  • I can't believe they would apply changes to existing patients just like that. Can you appeal?

    I have also seen some centres that offer refund IVF programmes. If you don't get a pregnant they refund your money and you can pay in instalments.

    All the best xx

  • Sorry to hear this, thinking of you

  • I would write a complaint as a current patient! The same things happened to my husband and I, we were devastated as it subsequently took us two years to save enough for a second cycle!✨ look after yourself my lovely xx

  • I thought people who were already approved for funding were not affected. Are you sure they've taken it away? Didn't think it was possible

  • The information we got was that any one approved for the one cycle they are allowing could continue. Those who were approved for more and already on a 2nd or third treatment could continue the cycle they were on if they had started it but no further. I will be double checking now though thanks xx

  • That’s awful. Which ccg is this?

  • I'm in Hertfordshire x

  • Im so sorry to hear this, funding is so unfair! Thinking of you!xx

  • I would try to lodge an appeal. It’s disgusting how little regard is given to fertility issues xx

  • It makes me so angry especially comments that people around here put during the consultation period. X

  • It really is awful. We are in a similar position with funding just having been withdrawn in our area with immediate effect. We were due to be referred this month and missed the boat by three weeks. I really hope you manage to find a way. Holding thumbs for you.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you missed out 😔. It makes me so angry. I hope you find a way too xx

  • That seems so unfair. They should give you one years warning at least. Where are you based?xx

  • Hertfordshire xx

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