AMH 6.1pmol/l?

We have had all our tests done and all have come back normal but for my AMH test I have a reading of 6.1pmol/l which they say is what is expected for my age - I am 42 and we are battling with secondary infertility (we have a 6yr old) which I have discovered is little understood.

We are being seen by an NHS fertility clinic and our next appointment is only in December. What we are trying to determine is whether we carry on "actively" trying or comes to terms that we will not have another child. We will not go the IVF route.

Does anyone know what this AMH reading means for us? Hopeless or hopeful? When do we call it quits? Good luck to everyone x

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  • Hiya, It relates to your ovarian reserve. If it's normal for your age that's a good thing. Mine is classed as on the low side for my age. I'm 31 and it's 12.2 x

  • Ah, Ok - thank you. That helps. Best wishes to you x

  • Mine is 4.7 and I'm only 30! As far as I have been told it is more to do with the amount of eggs left in reserve rather than the quality of the eggs. That's great if yours is normal for your age! Our doctor said if there are still eggs there then there's still a chance! Sending you lots of luck. Xx

  • Thank you for your reply. Your positive outlook has lifted my spirits. Best of luck to you to x

  • My amh was 5.3 a couple of years ago. After nearly 4 yrs ttc I fell pregnant and am now 31 weeks. Would have been much lower at point of conception so don't think your amh is a barrier to conceiving. Good luck and best wishes with what ever you decide x

  • Thank you. I was feeling really low. It's hard getting results with no real explanation of where it leaves you so your reply is helpful.

    You must be in countdown mode - this is a really exciting, special time for you. Best of luck x

  • Hey, I’m 40 and my AMH was 6.5 3 Years ago. I was told then it was low and I was running out of road but that it was still possible. I tried 4 rounds of IVF with my own eggs. My last round in June time this year I tested 4.something for my AMH and we didn’t even make it to transfer. I was told anything under 5 is very poor.

    Technically you can still conceive until you hit the menopause but at our age, with low AMH it’s bloody hard.

    Have you considered IUI?


  • Thank you - what is IUI? We want to do this naturally - if it's meant to be kind of thing - but doing what we can within those parameters. I'm doing reflexology (which is brilliant to relax) and am going to start accupuncture. x

  • The easiest way to describe it, it’s like Turkey Basting ! They place the sperm inside at the exact moment. Xx

  • Hmm, ok...doesn't sound very romantic ;-)

    I will read up on it and ask more about it from the doc. Thank you.x

  • Hahaha! Who said romance is dead ahy?? 🤣 xx

  • My AMH is 31, I'm 37, which puts me at risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which can be dangerous so I need to be closely monitored - with your AMH you should be safe through the process and remember it only takes one good egg! All the luck to you xxxx

  • Thanks for your response. Yes, just one good egg - come on little egg!

    We won't be going down the IVF route but an earlier poster mentioned IUI and I have heard of clomid so I am going to run these past my Doc and ask for any further suggestions from her.

    I have been ready other posts - also some on Mumsnet - and there have been some lovely positive stories with both low and high AMH. However it is hard to keep the faith and in an upbeat frame of mind with each month passing by - but this forum helps.

    Fingers crossed we will all be making happy announcements soon xx

  • Hi just wanted to introduce myself as also suffering with secondary infertility. My gorgeous daughter was born March 14 and been trying for a second since March 16. My amh is low for my age - only 3.1 at age 33. Apparently my fsh is normal but still it seems I have a low egg reserve. The number was kind of flung at me as though no big deal but I am obsessing over it a bit, mainly cos we don’t have any other explanation for the infertility. We have just had a failed ivf (only got 2 mature eggs) so focussing now on maximising my egg quality. I’ve started on coq10 and royal jelly. There’s also a lot of chat on here about dhea so might be worth a look. How are your cycles? I am considering trying vitex a few months down the line too which apparently helps balance hormones out too. Good luck xx

  • Thank you. Well, apart from my advancing age and the consequential low AMH reading everything appears to be normal, my cycles are every 28 days - on the odd month it can be 25 days or 27 days but average is 28, however I think I am ovulating "early" at 12 days or some months not at all. I find the KPI sticks difficult to read with the lines so I have bought the more expensive digital ones with happy faces on them...

    I spoke to my GP over the phone and she has reassured me that the AMH reading can't be taken alone, it is a part of a bigger picture and not to get too hung-up on it. She has had many otherwise healthy couples have low AMH readings and fall pregnant relatively easily. She is really big on de-stressing and looking holistically at the body for pregnancy no matter ones age, if everything else is healthy.

    So I am trying to follow her advice but I/we do feel under a lot of "life" stress and I am pretty sure that is not helping. I also have gall stones with horrendous attacks and they are looking at surgery for that which is another add on!

    I was taking strong Fish Oils to improve the quality of my eggs but with my gall stones I don't know if should be having these now. I'm also doing reflexology, indian head massage and looking at accupuncture. We are not going down the IVF route, it's just not for us. I'm very, very sorry to hear of your failed IVF - sending virtual hugs.

    I have an appointment with the NHS Fertility clinic in December so we will speak with them about our options so Clomid, IUI, possibly DHEA and what else they may suggest before we make that decision to call it quits... :-( How we are going to break this to our 6 year old who is desperate for a sibling, I don't know - never mind coming to terms with it ourselves. Hopefully we won't have to - come on little eggs!

    I get migraines and oddly enough I was recommended taking coq10 but never did! Where do you get yours from and how do you take the royal jelly - is it a capsule? What is virtex?

    I wish I could figure out a way to calm down and de-stress. I'm trying daily meditation but then forget and then stress about forgetting! Vicious cycle!

    I was so sure I was pregnant this month but nope, sadly not.

    Let me know how you get on and very best wishes! xxx

  • Thank you I think I am in the same boat as you now in terms of doing everything we can for it to happen naturally as we don’t plan on another ivf, especially given I had such a low response to the drugs! So vitex is a herb that apparently helps regulate periods/ lengthen the lethal phase. My periods are pretty predictable but I do often get brown spotting before so thought that might help. I got my first batch of coq10 from whole foods (200mg fast absorption) but ordered this next batch from amazon. The royal jelly is a natural capsule again from amazon- think it’s more like a good supplement than anything but again promotes hormone balance so can’t hurt. I have also been looking into dhea but read somewhere it’s a good idea to get levels checked first (saliva or blood) so might be worth asking about that? I know what you mean about dreading telling your wee one, I dread the day my daughter asks for a sibling! But I just keep trying to think of the pros of having one, like all the things we can buy her (whilst trying not to spoil too much) and all the love and attention we can give her. Plus a lot of siblings don’t get along at all so it might not be as wonderful as we imagine. I am also trying to make sure she spends plenty time with other kids . Hopefully our dream of having another will come true for us both. Keep me posted xx

  • Don't worry too much about it, a low amh just means that you won't respond very well to ivf drugs. My amh was 4.4 when I was 37/38. Any IVF attempt only produced 1/2 follicles. I went to egg retrieval once and unfortunately the 2 follicles contained no eggs. I eventually moved onto IVF with DE and am pregnant now after my first attempt. I am 42 now and my AMH is 0.1 or something ridiculously low like that.

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