IVF Injections - no pain?

Hi All, I have just started the first step with my IVF journey, and have taken 2 Fostimon injections, 2 Meronial injections and 6 clomid tablets so far, I am a little worried as I am not feeling any sort of pain or discomfort aside hot flushes which I know are a side effect. Is this normal to not feel anything? I was told I will have lots of pain, is it too early? when will I feel something going on with my ovaries? sorry for all the questions

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  • Don’t worry, some people don’t right up until the end, mines been different each time, I’m on my fourth and I’m really bloated and a few twinges, last time I don’t remember much going on until the last couple of days, but each round I’ve always got around 12-18 follicles, so basically it’s a mystery!! Perhaps ask the clinic if you’re really worried, but I’d just see how you go! Good luck! 🍀🍀🍀🍀xxx

  • aw thanks hun, I guess I was expecting to be in so much pain due to my existing endo as well. I am over exhausted since taking them too. You know that part of you thinks, if I dont feel anything then it won't work etc. This journey is so so hard. Good luck to you too xx

  • Yes, exhaustion is also a side effect!

  • Although I had side effects I really wouldn’t say I had lots of pain, who told you that? Remember everyone’s pain threshold is different so you might not have pain. Your scans will show you the drugs are working xx

  • I asked my fertility dr what I will feel in the 2 weeks of stims, he said lots of pain, so I expected it straight away. Thanks for the reassurance re things will show up in my scans. Hope all is well on your journey xx

  • I only had one uncomfortable night apart from that I was fine with my injections

  • aw ok, so I am guessing that it just varies with everybody

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