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Getting fed up with my crazy cycles :( any advice?

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I was hoping for abit of advice...

So, I came off the pill last October so my husband and I could try for our first baby. I'd been on the combined pill since I was about 15, I'm 28 now and went on the pill because I used to have really heavy and painful periods (although regular as clockwork).

Anyway.. since coming off the pill my periods are all over the place.. they settled into a regular cycle after a couple of months coming every 29-31 days but all I was having was brown spotting (sorry for the tmi) and it was lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 17 days! Then a few months ago my period was over 2 weeks late and didnt come until CD46, the next one was CD45 and then CD35. My last 2 periods have been more "normal" lasting about a week with a heavier flow.

But this month I started using OPKS and I got a strong positive on CD21 but on CD22 I started bleeding. It lasted about a week but it was just light spotting. That finished on Wednesday and then yesterday I started bleeding again. I'm so confused with whats going on.

I've been to the doctor and had a blood test which came back "normal" I was also swabbed for infection which was clear. I then went for a transvaginal scan which the nurse said looked normal. I just don't understand why my cycles are so messed up.

I was so excited when my opk was positive but now I'm not convinced I'm even ovulating and the doctor has told me to just give it more time but a year feels like ages. I know it isn't but it feels like it's never going to happen with my periods all over the place :(

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Hi hun.

Sorry your having problems with your cycles. So frustrating when all you want to do is get on with ttc.

You said you got put on the pill for, heavy painful periods.

Have you ever been checked out for endometriosis. Your spotting brown and heavy painful periods mid cycle bleeding spotting are all symptoms and, being on the pill can mask them symptoms. Might be worth mentioning it to your gp hun if nothing gets to what youv would expect normal soon. As it gets misdiagnosed a lot and women end up finding out way too late they have it. Doctors rarely mention it. I diagnosed myself 18 years after my symptoms first started and that was v because I'd never heard of it doctors c did all scans swabs the lot all came, back normal and contraception was the treatment for my heavy painful periods. Turns out this, year in Feb after me going to docs and telling them I have endo they did a lap and confirmed. Give it a mention to your gp as you need to get to the bottom of this hopefully it won't be but if it is you will know and get a treatment plan involved💗🤗😘

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Thank you so much for your reply :) my sister is a nurse and had mentioned endometriosis a while back but I kind of forgot about it thinking it was just my periods taking a while to sort themselves out after the pill but a year seems a long time for things to still be so unsettled. The doctor only mentioned PCOS to me which I didn't think I had anyway but next time I go (hopefully next week if I can get an appointment) I will mention it myself. Xx


Your welcome hun. I hope you get to the bottom of it don't be fobbed of either get a referral to a gynae and get a lap. They'll do it the fact your ttc and a year is when they can start investigations I believe. Good luck hun. Keep me updated. I call my hubby and daughter Bubz 😊. 💗😘

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