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Can I be pregnant? (having symptoms)

I'm back!

I decided to give myself a break after what happened with my mother-in-law. We came back from our trip a week ago and no one knows except my family. My husband has not said anything to his mother or anyone else because I want to be alone.

We visited a couple of clinics while we were traveling and we got several options that I am sure will be able to help us. They gave us lots of useful information.

What I did was forget my horrible mother-in-law, and focus on finding my baby. You know what I mean ... LOL.

I do not know if it will be too soon, but I have felt my breasts a little tender when I touch them. Besides, I've been wanting to pee all the time. I also had more appetite than usual and my husband brought me cookies that ended up vomiting in the bathroom.

I do not know if it will be too early to do a test. I'm about to have my period, so I do not want to have any illusions. I've had several BFN's, I do not want any more. But I guess I can not just avoid them.

I would like to have a blood test these days without telling my husband. So far, he does not see anything out of the ordinary, that's why I do not want him to be deluded. Although I do not know if I should tell him.

I have little time to finish the Clomid, after that we will have a new appointment with the doctor. I really want to be pregnant, and that all this infertility becomes a bad time in the past.

A hug to all.


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It's certainly possible when is your period due? Also how many months have you taken the clomid. I got caught on month 2 X

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My doctor prescribed it for me for two months. I have to take it until Friday. My period should come in the next ten days. I am not fixed on the date, it is always close to the date. In the last month we had sex many times, that's why I think I may be pregnant. I'm very, very nervous. I feel the breasts a little swollen, but it's something that always happens to me when AF comes. But the other symptoms are new.


Hi Em. Maybe you ar pregnant, I hope you are. However, remember that you are now undergoing treatment, so if the Clomid doesn't work, there will be another solution. Good luck with it all, and I will be thinking of you. Diane


Good luck xxx

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thank you xxx


Wish you all the luck.hope to hear a good news.😃


Thanks! xx


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