I'm following to get me through this difficult month (⚠️ Warning - sensitive ⚠️)

I'm following to get me through this difficult month (⚠️ Warning - sensitive ⚠️)

Having read some other posts about this month being baby loss awareness month, I wanted to share this guide. I know it will not suit everyone but for me it's only day 2 of this incredibly difficult month for me, and it's helping so much already.

My beautiful baby would be due October 13th and I've been dreading this month since I said goodbye in March. 💞

Love to all x

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  • Lots of love thinking of you xx

  • Thinking of you, do whatever you need to get through the month xx

  • This is so lovely, I will definitely use. My friend sent me this today, thought you might like. I had a little cry watching as the beginning is so relatable, but it's a lovely sentiment if you feel up to watching xxx take care 💕 (hope you don't mind me posting it)

  • What an fabulous vlog and an articulate lady on YouTube, her message really resonated with me.. 😘

  • I will definitely be looking at her other stuff. That bit about planning and controlling is exactly what I did. 4yrs, 1icsi and 1mc later and still no baby. I like to think that the universe is definitely planning something wonderful for my future baby 💕🙂

  • It’s funny, I sat listening with a wry smile thinking ‘yep, did that too’. I try to believe that whatever the outcome it will be ok. we have no control over this and she is right at some point you do have to surrender whatever it is, what will be will be... Very insightful lady and how wise!

  • Thank you that's really helped also. I'm a massive control freak and I hate that this is completely out of my control. I'm working with my counsellor and my reflexologist to try to relax and give up some control. Have had to start small 😊

    I'm willing to try anything that will help with this xx

  • I'm the same hellsbells36 i feel like this is totally out of my control and it used to drive me crazy but I'm learning to live with it. Reflexology really helps me too, I had my first session after my mc last week and she said something really lovely to me, that her fertility tutor said to her that if a miscarriage happens it's just the first baby making a comfortable nest for the next. I know it's only words but these lovely thoughts give me strength and hope. Hang in there, and look after yourself xxx

  • Thinking of you hun 💗🤗😘

  • Thinking of you all - so hard. This is a lovely idea xx

  • Thinking of you my sweets. xxx

  • Lovely post. Cant even begin to imagine....!!😘😘xx

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