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Sensitive post - warning ⚠️

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Hi girls,

As some of you know I had a miscarriage last month when taking letrozole.

Ovulated early this cycle between day 10-12 which is early for me.

Took test this morning due to sore boobs, on cycle day 27.

Does anyone think this could be retained products from my miscarriage. The early pregnancy unit discharged me when my HCG was still up at 24?

I’ve rang them this morning and they won’t let me have a blood test so I’m sat waiting for the fertility team to ring!

Thanks and sorry about the amount of tests! I really don’t understand my body and what it puts me through, and obviously after 6 losses I’m a tad anxious.

Steph xx

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Hey did you have period in between? if you’ve ovulated I’d say it’s possibly a new pregnancy.

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Steadman80 in reply to gcw104

Yes I bled and passed product. The ovulation sticks never work for me so I don’t use them. Hopefully the fertility nurses will agree to a blood test x

If your HCG 24 with last miscarriage and the test with 2-4 weeks I think you are definitely pregnant.

If you know you have ovulated your hCG levels must have come down to normal levels so this sounds like a new pregnancy but I guess you wont know unless the fertility team can do something to confirm......hopefully they get back to you soon!xx

The fact the clear blue is showing 2-3 weeks suggests your hcg is quite high so I’d say there’s a good chance you are pregnant again. I hope your fertility team get back to you with some helpful advice x

Thanks lizzie. It’s more because I need to know whether to start my meds or not. Still waiting to speak to them 😕 x

Waiting is horrible xxx

Your lines look very strong which I would have thought, if it was trace hcg from your miscarriage, they wouldn’t be. Hope you’re able to get some reassurance from your fertility peeps soon though xx

This all looks very promising. Hope you hear from them soon. Here's a tentative congratulations in the meantime xx

Update - my hcg was 603 back for more bloods on Friday! Does that seem high? X

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HollieW in reply to Steadman80

Wow you are definitely preggers with that reading and it is high - congratulations! Xx

When I did my blood test a couple of weeks ago the reference value was above 25 for pregnancy. What a rollercoaster few weeks for you, you must be feeling very mixed up, but congratulations on this lovely news xxx

Thank you - yeh it’s been a rough ride for me, just all so confusing. Just seen your levels. Amazing news for you congrats too xxx

thanks hon. first scan tomorrow to see what's actually going on in there!! you must be exhausted from emotions swinging from one extreme to the other so take care of yourself xxx

Ah I will try. They are repeating my HCG on Friday, don’t think I’ll begin to relax until I know it’s doubling! Ah I’ll look out for your post tomorrow, good luck with your scan xxx

So sorry about your miscarriage, been there myself.😢 But huge congratulations on your pregnancy. Those tests are very strong. I’m 14 weeks pregnant & my clearblue said 2-3 weeks on day after missed period so think that’s a great sign ( my chemical pregnancy said 1-2 weeks ) Wishing you the best with your pregnancy xoxo

Hey there! The chances of you being pregnant are quite high. I just hope everything works out for you. It's better if you go to your doctor for a test because it will clarify everything for you. Keep us updated. Good Luck hon! Stay Blessed!

Hi Steph. I hope things work out for you. But you should really go for a blood test. It will be able to clear your doubts. Good Luck. Stay blessed.

in reply to LeonaJordan

You need to take care replying to older posts as they can provoke painful memories. This lady lost her baby. x

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Steadman80 in reply to

Thanks Jess - I’ve noticed this a lot when people reply to old posts xx

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Clover5 in reply to Steadman80

So sorry Hun, I’ve just noticed the same that this was an old post. I’m really sorry you had yet another loss and hope your doing ok 💕xX

I think this sounds pretty positive that it’s a new pregnancy with how much time has past and how low your HCG had come down to before. Fingers crossed and wishing you all the best 🙏💕xX

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