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Stim Scan 2

Hi Ladies,

So I had my second scan this morning. I've got 17 reasonable sized follicles but none are over 17mm yet so continuing to stim until Wednesday when I have to go back for another scan. My estrogen has gone up to 6263 and have been told that if it hits 11,000 on Wednesday that it will need to be retested. These blood tests are all new to me. Also my lining is at 14 already. I'm sure in previous cycles it's only been about 8 so maybe the endo scratch has made it thicker this time. Nurse tried to reassure me the sizes are fine as they would prefer them not to be over 20mm at this stage as they'd probably get lost during collection. She also said they'll take all follicles over 10mm so I'm hoping the couple of smaller follies catch up. Still not feeling too much. : /

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Hi, everything looks promising :) And I'm sure it's going to be much better by Wednesday and still in normal ranges. Why are you worried?


I've just had a call to reduce my dose tomorrow and then not take anything Wednesday. They are concerned that my levels are going to rocket given the drugs from today wouldn't have been counted and then tomorrow and Wednesdays drugs plus trigger apparently doubles the level again. No idea what all this means but certainly don't want cycle to be cancelled. X


I'm sure everything will go smoothly 😉 Besides, the docs know what they are doing, provided they are good caring professionals.

Will be waiting for good news from you!


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