Feeling like crap and down in the dumps

Hiya all, story so far is I'm on merional and cetrotide and I've got my 4th scan tomorrow and hopefully egg retrieval Wednesday. They've got to the point where they can't find my left ovary and just concentrating on my right which is great and producing lots of follicles. Dosage on merional was increased to 375u Friday. I'm just feeling down at the moment with also suffering with anxiety so that doesn't help (taking citalopram for that). My injections last night hurt a bit and it's like my body wants to say 'no more'. Just hope there's light at the end of the tunnel 🀞🏻🀞🏻. Sorry for the moaning 😒😒

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  • Hi there, there's always light at the end of the tunnel :) And your chances are very high! Having lots of follicles is great! If your body is starting to rebel, try to please it :) Eat something delicious and healthy, watch something optimistic and funny, go for a walk, meet a close friend... Or do some shopping! Anything to reduce your anxiety and to lift your spirits up. Good luck with your tomorrow's scan!!

  • Thank you 😘

  • Good luck tomorrow - hang in there - sounds like you are doing great! X

  • Thank you 😘

  • Thank you both xx

  • You're almost there by the sounds of it, it's certainly tough on your body and you feel uncomfortable but there is light at the end of the tunnel just hang on in there sounds like you need to rest up.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you 😘 I have my moments and now and then I'm great. It's horrible when your brain wants to play tricks on you also. I'm positive which is the best way. All of you on here are so lovely. Glad I found this site x

  • Me too, I joined over 12 months and only plucked up the courage to post things recently and I so glad I did everyone is so supportive. X

  • Best of luck with your scan tomorrow. It's good news that your right ovary has plenty of follicles and hopefully tomorrow brings you good news. Xx

  • Download the mindfulness ivf app and listen to it. It really helped calm me down and stay focused on the end goal xx

  • Hope all goes well, I am on menirol and centrodite aswell and feel down maybe it's the drugs.

    Just remember we are stronger than we think xx

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