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Nurses appointment and moc transfer

Hey everyone, hope you are all well.

Well today was my appointment with the nurse to go through all the paperwork and make sure everything is signed and to go through the route I'll be going down and to have my moc transfer. As I already knew I'm on the short protocol but I now know I'm on merional and cetrotide. I didn't think I'd be starting so soon as got told after Christmas which it might be but depending on my period I could get in just before.

Sorry if I'm rambling on, I just find there is so much to take in and get so overwhelmed by it all. Xx

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Hey it is overwhelming Hun. Once you get your period it's busy couple weeks.

BUT your clinic will look after you every step of the way and this forum! Keeping posting lots of questions when needed. You will be absolutely fine. Look after yourself xx

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Hi allieb21, thank you for your reply.

You just don't realise how hard and over whelming it can be can you.

I'm just trying to stay positive with this journey.

I wish you all the best with your journey too xx


Thank you Hun. Am in 2ww since yesterday 😬

My treatment started Monday October 31st and the days flew by! You'll get ups and downs but just remember why you are doing it and you'll be ok. Xx


Oh that's exciting, I have everything crossed for you xxxx


Thank you and good luck to you x

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