Male Fertility vitamins?

Hi everyone.

Consultant suggested Proxeed Plus. They're quite pricey (£40 a mnth if 1 sachet a day). They don't have amazing reviews on Amazon, and I feel clinic just picked a random brand (other people have been recommend different brands). No real consistency. I am hoping someone can advise what they take that works (I know it varies) and is at a reasonable price. Thank you.

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  • We found the wellman conceptions ones to be really good, reasonably priced and can normally get them on 3 for 2 in boots! Currently on our first round of IVF and had 10 eggs collected on Thursday, then 9 out of the 10 eggs have fertilised - these must have helped my hubby in some way x

  • My OH used the pregnacare ones and got us some healthy embryos. Good luck xx

  • We used proxceed and they made no difference whatsoever. Definitely pricey. This time we used the wellman conception and a teaspoon of maca powder (stirred in to food) every day and had much more improvement.

  • Our clinic recommends condensyl but this is also pricey. Our clinic get the best overall results in the region though so I trust they know what they're on about.

  • We were told there was some evidence around these for sperm fragmentation and we had much better embryos 2nd time round after using it. Our issue was poor development between 3 and 5 days on our 1st round which is apparently often related to sperm issues as they take over at this point. We went from 1 morula on round 1 to 4 blastocysts round two. Hard to know if this made a difference but we believed it did. Didn't get a bfp either round but have now fallen pregnant naturally after 4 yrs ttc. We do wonder if the proxeed helped with that too! Xx

  • I'm sure I read the ingredients on the main two that have been mentioned on here and there didn't seem to be a huge difference and you can always buy anything extra that isn't included in the wellbeing ones

  • Tahnks for the replies guys. Once my Proceed run out I will purchase Wellmen and possible other supplement aswell. Good luck all!

  • Llama1 has just posted something you might find useful xx

  • Proxeed is just a mixture of all the ingredients that contribute to male fertility - right from Selenium, Coenzyme Q10 to folic acid and vitamin C. I guess you can obtain the same by switching to selective diet. Maybe this page will help - I landed on this one a few days back kept it handy just in case if I could convince my SO for if need be.

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