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now looking at trying clomid

Hi everyone just a bit of an update and in need of some positive support. After finding out that I won't be seen for ivf treatment for at least another year it occurred to me that i should try clomid another treatment. I have felt like we have just been plonked on the ivf list and thats our only option i have a gut feeling that i should try something else before going straight for IVF. So after a few phone calls to find out what i need to do to try clomid I have now booked an appointment for next month to discuss and get clomid prescribed for me. I feel really pleased and quite positive that i am able to take control and decide that this is the treatment I want to try first. Has anyone of you had a positive experience of using clomid? I understand that clomid doesn't work for everyone however I want to stay positive as this keeps me in a positive mindset and I'd rather be happy than sad.

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